Supersize Your Acknowledgement of Others
February 12, 2021

Supersize Your Acknowledgement of Others

Powerfact:  When we take the time to acknowledge others, we give both them and ourselves a gift.

By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Darryl Davis, CSP

We are getting a lot of snow in New York these days, and there is this guy (his name is Steve) that I hired to clean my sidewalk and driveway. He finally got to my place around 9 pm, and even though it was late, and he was by himself and had been doing this all day, he did such an incredible job. After he was done, I went out to pay him and we got to chatting and I got know a little more about him and his kids, and so on.a quote from Leo Buscaglia about underestimate the power of small acts

I went back inside and a short time later, I sent him a text. I said…

“Steve, thanks for doing such a great job, and having such a strong work ethic. Your children should be very proud of their dad. Thanks again.”  

You might be asking, “Why did you take the time to do send him this supersized acknowledgement?”  

What Supersizing Acknowledgement Does 

Let me tell you this, gang: when we give someone acknowledgement for the slightest thing someone does, or for the slightest gift that someone gives, or this person does such a fantastic job on something and we acknowledge that, it does three things: 

You Make Somebody Else Feel Good 

In this day and agemaking someone else feel good is a good thing and we need that more than ever. It takes very little effort, and it costs us nothing! 

You Are Creating a Space to Have That Person be MORE of “That” in the Future

You create the space for that person to live from that acknowledgement. How do you think Steve goes to his next job? Do you think he has even MORE of a great work ethic? MORE integrity? MORE of a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty? Even on the small jobs, that person is now empowered to be more of that. 

It Empowers You

It makes you feel like you have contributed to another human’s well-being. You have thrown a pebble into the lake and created the ripple effect of good vibes with others. It empowers you with the sense of giving power and knowing how, through your speaking, you can actually transform another person’s BEINGness. 

This week, I’m giving you homework: Look for people who need that acknowledgement, even if it is for something small, and you will create that ripple effect in the world.   

Ready, Set, Go! 

Are you ready to start taking things to the next level? Knowing your strengths and finding ways to delegate those things you are not so good at is important to having a life worth smiling about.  


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