Annual Real Estate Inventory

Annual Real Estate Inventory
Intensive Workshop

Every January, Darryl and his team bring hundreds of real estate agents together from all over the country for a full day of laughing and learning with a focus on building listing inventory and fine-tuning skills. For eight power-packed hours you'll learn everything you need to create absolute clarity and build a solid plan and path to take you to your NEXT LEVEL.

Your Business Will Never Be the Same.

Join us Thursday, January 30th in
Uniondale, New York

What you'll learn

What You will learn
  • How to deliver a knock-it-out-of-the-park listing conversation and leave with the listing
  • How to use the "magic" voicemail dialogue that will have 50% of FSBOs and Expireds calling you back
  • The best source for finding FSBOs, Expireds, and Pre-Foreclosures in your market (and get them delivered to your inbox)
  • How to list 7 out of 10 listing appointments you go on with FSBOs and Expireds
  • How to generate 2 listing appointments for every 4 prospecting calls
  • How to STOP memorizing scripts and START getting better results
  • How to promote yourself without spending a PENNY
  • The best marketing tools to help make your phone ring off the hook
  • Dialogues for calling past clients, updating your sphere, and introducing yourself to your farm

Become a Power Agent In Real Estate

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