April 1, 2019

The Best Time to Prospect for Real Estate Agents

POWERFACT:  The best time to prospect is like the best diet — it’s the one you’ll actually STICK TO!

Hey gang! Here’s a question I am asked A LOT! “When is the best time to prospect for new listings?” First of all, I applaud all of you who are searching for answers! Prospecting is tough for a lot agents, because they let fear override commitment. My answer first is that the best time is a lot like choosing the best diet. The truth is it’s different for everyone, you can try them all — but you have to find the one that works for you if you’re really going to stick to it.

I’ve got three strategies for you to help you get kick started though! Here goes…

ONE:  I used to make my calls around 6:00 pm – I did that because people were usually home by then, and I could often get an immediate response. If I started calling at six, I could often have an appointment by seven and contract by nine! So that worked for me! For NOW business, I recommend using the FSBO/EXPIRED Dialogues in your Prospecting tab.

TWO:  First thing in the morning. Some people, if prospecting were left until the end of the day would never make a call. (Kind of like the diet/exercise thing – if you wait, as we say in New York, “forgetaboutit”!) Things get in the way. Energy wanes. Excuses creep in. You’re hungry for dinner. I get it. So, for those of you who need to get your prospecting knocked out first thing in the morning, that’s great. Set a specific time frame and just make your calls. With this strategy, I recommend you have the Voicemail dialogues handy because there’s a chance that a lot of folks are at work. You’ll find those also in the Prospecting tab.

THREE:  Twice per day. This strategy works for a lot of agents because it’s less about time and more about the commitment. Just commit to TWO conversations per day. Just TWO – five days per week. When you do that you create 40+ conversations per month!  And when you have THAT — do you think you can take a listing or SIX? I think so.

It’s all about having the right mindset, commitment, and tools. Find which strategy works for you and stick to it. To help you, you’ll find my eGuide of the Top 12 Most Requested Dialogues in the Prospecting tab of your Classroom.

I’m not often a fan of memorized scripts. The exception is during the prospecting process. These work and work well. In fact, our Power Agents® tell us that they help them get two out of every four listing appointment conversations. They can do the same for you!

NOW is the time to make the most of market conditions. Learn more in a replay of our recent webinar… 

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What is the Agent’s Market™ It’s the market between a “Seller’s Market” and a “Buyer’s Market” that more equally favors all parties, including real estate professionals. This is the “sweet spot” for us. It’s the market that becomes a great equalizer in terms of fairness to buyers, sellers, and agents. And this is the market where we, real estate professionals, make the most money.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How to become the dominant LISTING INVENTORY EXPERT in your market
  • How to position yourself to thrive in EVERY market condition
  • The four sections of a powerful listing conversation
  • The best sources for finding hundreds of listing leads in the next 90 days
  • How to list 7 out of 10 listing appointments you go on with FSBOs and Expireds
  • How to generate 2 listings appointments for every 4 calls to FSBOs and Expireds
  • How to put together a listing conversation that uses your own words, not a memorized script
  • How to show a homeowner that by selling FSBO, they could lose 14.49% off their bottom line
  • How to show buyers 5-7 houses and write a contract the SAME DAY
  • How to feel in control of EVERY appointment


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