January 21, 2019

The Number One Skill to Improve NOW

POWERFACT:  Your skill level and expertise as a communicator will determine your level of success.

Markets are shifting across the country from buyer’s markets to seller’s markets and everything in between. Here’s what that means for you. Get super sharp on your communication skills. EVERYTHING we do as real estate professionals comes down to communication. Why? Because we’re in the business of people, and the better we are at communicating effectively with them, whether we’re on a listing appointment, negotiating a deal, prospecting a lead, handling an objection, putting out a fire, answering questions, or just sharing how market change affects the folks in your area — the higher our value is to our clients and customers. 

Think Jim Rohn’s wise reminder, “We don’t get paid for the hour; we get paid for the value we bring to the hour.”

So, how do we bring more value? By connecting at the very highest level with people – clients, customers, and prospects. How do we do that? By using metaphors, analogies, and stories. I’ll give you an example of what I mean. On last week’s coaching call, I got a question from an agent who kept running up against the common FSBO objection, “We can pay a flat rate to be on the MLS.” I shared with the group the Hammer analogy and the List analogy to help handle the objection.

Watch the List analogy below.

Power Agents®, head to your Coaching Call Tab in the classroom to hear all the analogies we covered including: 

  • Flat Fee MLS
  • A competitor will buy the house
  • What to say when calling people in farm
  • FSBO voicemail dialogue

Using stories and analogies is the best way to create an emotional connection with the people you are nose-to-nose, belly-to-belly, or voice-to-voice with. Because they are relatable and keep you in the present (rather than trying to remember a canned script) they help paint a picture for people and draw them into the message you are trying to share. 

There’s no better time to master your communication skills. It will set you apart in your marketplace, help establish you as a trusted, knowledgeable resource people can count on, and help you develop the kind of relationships that create customers for life. 

We shared some important communication skills on one of our webinars as well. If you missed it — you can watch it on demand for a limited time here. 

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