December 21, 2020

Tuning into The Correct Channel

POWERFACT: We get to control what we allow “in” to our minds and lives. What we choose makes a difference.

By Darryl Davis, CSP

It’s the holiday season, and it seems like no matter where you go, there’s Christmas music playing. It made me thinks about how the airways are filled with all this music, and it surrounds us all the time. Not just Christmas music, but all kinds of music from radio stations all over — holiday music, country, pop, oldies, and maybe even disco, ha!

All of that music is filling the airwaves right now, and what do we do when we want to listen to a certain kind of music? We turn the knob on the radio receiver to tune into the exact channel that is playing the kind of music we want.

On The Receiving End

We are like a radio receiver, and we have a lot of “music” in the air around us, such as people who are supportive, negative attitudes, overdramatic people, our own thoughts about the mistakes we’ve made, things that drain us emotionally and physically, and our good intentions, hopes, and dreams.

Tuning Into PMA101.0

It’s up to us to make that deliberate choice to what music we are going to listen to, so it’s time to tune into PMA101. That’s “Positive Mental Attitude”. Pull the positive music from your surroundings and bring THAT music to your brain. Focus on that which will help you be positive and turn it around to send even more positivity out — focus on those good moments, those things that give you energy, and those things that help you be productive.

What you listen to is the choice you make each day, so choose well!

Ready, Set, Go!

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