July 30, 2018

When They List With ANOTHER Agent

POWERFACT: How you react when things DON’T go your way can be a deal maker or deal breaker.When They List With ANOTHER Agent

Every real estate professional has had it happen to them. You thought you nailed a listing appointment only to realize that the seller decided to go with another agent. OUCH. That stings. However, how you HANDLE that can make all the difference in the world. Today, I wanted to share with you a strategy that has really helped many of our Power Agents turn that situation around when the listing expires.

Step one:  When the seller lists with someone else, call them and congratulate them on making a great business decision to use a real estate professional and let them know you’ll do your best to help that agent get it sold by trying to find the right buyer for the property. Then do just that.

Here’s why that’s magic:  One, it’s unexpected. Two, it’s a classy move. Three, if and when the listing expires, they will think of your classy move and more often than not will call you to relist. It also has been a referral source for agents because the sellers were so impressed with the professional way that the situation was handled, they refer their friends and family.

That’s how you turn a tough situation into an incredible opportunity. Try it. You may surprise yourself!

Here’s your weekly reminder that our market is showing signs of real change on the horizon.

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Ready? Set? Go!


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