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February 28, 2024

How to TEAR UP Canned Scripts and Speak From the HEART  

Ditch the canned scripts for metaphors and analogies to transform your real estate conversations and develop more meaningful connections.

Darryl has never been a “scripts” guy. They feel too canned, rehearsed, and from our experience, they prevent agents from truly being present in a conversation. Instead of listening to what a seller is saying, learning what their commitment is, and why they are considering this big decision in their lives, you’re almost forced to mentally skip ahead until you’re able to unleash the next “part” of what you think you’re supposed to say. Nothing about that is going to feel authentic, right? It will feel like what it is – a sales pitch. 

No one wants to hear those anymore. No one really wants to deliver them either. So, if scripts aren’t the answer, what is? Metaphors, stories, and analogies! Here’s why:   

  • They are based in CONCEPTS which are easily remembered  
  • They make conversations more relatable  
  • You can speak from your heart instead of your head  

Metaphors and analogies are the secret sauce to connecting with people on a deeper level. They’re not just words; they’re bridges to understanding. When you use a script, you’re just another voice in the crowd (and it isn’t even YOUR voice), but with a well-placed analogy, you become a storyteller, making complex ideas simple and relatable. It’s like comparing a scripted tour guide to an engaging storyteller who brings a city’s history to life. People remember stories, not scripts. They feel more authentic, allowing you to connect heart-to-heart with your audience whether that is a buyer or a seller or just a member of your community.  

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How To Use Metaphors and Analogies in Conversation 

It’s one thing to know ABOUT metaphors and analogies, and another to start using them in conversation. Darryl teaches agents about the F.O.R.M. acronym for creating analogies on the spot, which relies on listening carefully to your clients.  

Let’s look at 4 ways to incorporate metaphors and analogies into your conversations: 

  • Listen and Learn: The first step is to ACTIVELY listen to your clients’ needs, fears, and goals. Understanding their perspective and learning what they are committed to will allow you to tailor metaphors and analogies that resonate on a more personal level. 
  • Practice Creativity: Like an improv performer, the ability to create analogies on the fly requires practice. Spend time brainstorming and practicing different analogies related to common real estate scenarios. 
  • Relate to Client Experiences: Use analogies that relate to experiences or concepts familiar to your client. Whether it’s their profession, hobby, a well-known movie, or a common life event, connecting the analogy to something they understand well will enhance its impact. 
  • Reflect and Refine: After conversations, reflect on which metaphors or analogies were most effective and why. This reflection will help you refine your approach and develop a richer repertoire of storytelling techniques. 

Let’s look at a couple of examples: 

Example #1 

When discussing the importance of pricing a home correctly, don’t just talk numbers, paint a picture, saying, “Imagine you’re at an auction, holding up your paddle for an art piece that speaks to your heart. The excitement, the competition – it drives the value up. Now, imagine your home is that coveted piece. Priced right, it becomes the star of its own auction, with buyers eagerly raising their paddles.” This analogy helps homeowners understand the psychological and emotional aspects of buyer engagement and the importance of first impressions in real estate.  

Example #2 

Here’s another example you could use if you are addressing the fear of hosting an open house. Liken it to hosting a blockbuster movie premiere. “Your home is the star on the red carpet, and the open house? That’s your premiere. Excitement, buzz, and the right audience can turn an ordinary viewing into an event, making your home the talk of the town.” This analogy helps to shift the perspective from intrusion to opportunity, highlighting the strategic value of an open house in creating demand.  

Why Metaphors and Analogies are So Effective 

Stories and analogies do more than explain; they inspire. When we use them, we’re not just speaking; we’re evoking, invoking, and provoking a deeper connection. Metaphors and analogies turn an abstract concept into something tangible, relatable, and memorable, and the benefits? Clients feel understood, not just heard.  

When you use a metaphor or analogy, you’re going into another person’s world. You are stepping into their life and using their experiences to make a point that they can relate to. When you do this, people don’t just HEAR your message, but they also FEEL it. They’re more engaged, more trusting, and often, more open to strategies that can maximize their success. It’s these heart-to-heart connections that set the stage for not just a transaction, but a transformative experience.  

I’ve been coaching agents away from canned scripts towards metaphors and analogies for more than thirty years and for good reason. It isn’t just a tactic; it’s a testament to the power of the genuine connections they help to create.  

It’s time to tear up the scripts and speak from the heart. Let your conversations be guided not by rehearsed lines, but by the authentic stories and analogies that resonate with your clients. This transformation in how you communicate is more than a shift in technique; it’s a commitment to creating experiences that are not just successful, but also meaningful and memorable. 

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How You Can Get Started 

The best way to learn is by diving in and doing it! Listen with intent, practice your craft, relate personally, and reflect deeply. Let every conversation be an opportunity to weave a narrative that lights up your clients’ imaginations and guides them towards their goals. Don’t just be a real estate agent; be a guide, a storyteller, and draw mental and emotional maps that lead to success using metaphors and analogies.   

For more instruction on creating and using metaphors and analogies, watch our webinar: The BEST Listing Appointment Objection Handlers.  

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