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March 24, 2024

Being Pro REALTOR® is Not About the Association. It’s About the People.

Answering the big question on the minds of so many real estate agents today, “Is it worth it to still be a member of NAR?” 

by Real Estate Coach and Speaker Darryl Davis, CSP

Not a week goes by now that I am not asked, “Is membership in the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) still worth it? What have they done for us?” I get it. Especially since so many agents feel let down and underrepresented in this lawsuit fiasco and fallout.  

My stance is a resolute YES. Though not a blind supporter of NAR, I recognize its pivotal role in shaping our entire real estate industry. In this article, we’ll delve into why being a REALTOR®, and by extension, a member of NAR, is not just beneficial but essential, highlighting NAR’s notable achievements, especially through its REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC). 

RPAC’s Legislative Impact 

Florida’s Legislative Victories (2021) 

  • Senate Bill 72: Protected businesses and healthcare providers from COVID-19 related liabilities. 
  • Senate Bill 50: Reduced Business Rent Tax significantly, saving commercial tenants over $1 billion annually. 
  • Senate Bill 76: Aimed at curbing the escalation of property insurance costs. 

National and State-Level Achievements 

  • Mortgage Interest Deduction: Preserved this crucial homeowner benefit. 
  • Tax Reliefs: Benefitted the real estate sector extensively. 
  • Banking Regulations: Prohibited banks from real estate brokerage, safeguarding agent interests. 
  • Environmental and Market Regulations: Eliminated restrictive regulations, fostering a healthier real estate market. 
  • Homebuyer Tax Credits: Facilitated homeownership through substantial tax credits. 

Specific State Advocacies 

In New York, RPAC fought for homeowner savings, transparency laws, and opposed hefty down payment requirements, significantly impacting affordability and market accessibility. 

RPAC’s Power and Influence 

In 2020 alone, RPAC spent over $38 million in political contributions and lobbying, highlighting their substantial influence in shaping real estate policy. 

Recent Lobbying Priorities 

RPAC has been actively opposing risk-based pricing of federal flood insurance, advocating for housing finance reform, and protecting the Community Reinvestment Act. 

Beyond RPAC: NAR’s Broader Contributions 

Legislative Achievements in Georgia 

RPAC facilitated important changes in real estate transactions, property tax reforms, and business licensing for agents, showcasing their influence beyond federal levels. 

Innovative Acts and Proposals 

Acts like the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act and the SAFER Banking Act demonstrate NAR’s commitment to sustainable homeownership and addressing critical market needs. 

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The REALTOR® Advantage 

Being a REALTOR® and a member of NAR isn’t just about carrying a title; it’s about being part of a collective force that actively shapes the real estate landscape. From securing advantageous legislation to advocating for homeowner rights and industry standards, NAR’s efforts have a tangible impact on every aspect of the real estate profession. 

While there may be criticisms and debates surrounding NAR, its role in the real estate industry is undeniably significant. The successes of RPAC and other NAR initiatives illustrate the power of collective action and advocacy. As professionals, our association with NAR doesn’t just give us a voice; it amplifies it, enabling us to be proactive participants in shaping the future of real estate.  

Whether you’re a seasoned REALTOR® or a newcomer to the industry, understanding and leveraging NAR’s resources and advocacy efforts is key to not just surviving but thriving in the competitive world of real estate. 

I hope this article helped you to, at least in part, answer the question, “Should I still be a paying member of NAR?” for yourself. As always, my team and I are here to help you navigate all this. It’s too much to try to wade through alone. Be sure that you are connected and registered for the upcoming Wednesday Webinars where we will continue to do deep dives into the NAR Lawsuit conversation and everything that affects the way we do business in this industry!  

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