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The Success Mindset: How To Approach The Listing Appointment with Zeal 

Powerfact: You have your listing appointment PowerPoint, and the CMA ready, but one thing a successful real estate agent can’t leave behind? The “Success” mindset.  By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Darryl Davis, CSP You got the listing appointment! Great! It’s time to start preparing yourself for that appointment. You have your listing appointment PowerPoint, and the CMA […]


[…] is worth more because we did all these improvements; we have a friend in the business; call us back in two weeks; we’ll give you a short-term listing and extend later if we are happy), and be prepared with at least 5 different ways to handle each of them. Included with your download is […]

8 Great Ways to Jumpstart a Stalled Listing

POWERFACT: A listing that won’t sell can be more of a liability than an asset. Know how to get them back on track when they stall.  One of the top ten questions we get on our weekly coaching calls is from agents struggling to breathe life into a stalled listing. While there are many […]

Using the Shoe Store Analogy to Take a Listing

[…] NOT be a FSBO – the “shoe store analogy” is a winning dialogue. This is one of my favorite analogies for helping homeowners see the value in listing their home with a real estate professional. In this clip from my intensive listing workshop, I explain to agents how to put this into play when […]

Power Speaking Topics

[…] to create breakthrough productivity and profitability results in just twelve months. Here’s what sales professionals will learn: The #1 secret to being in total control of every listing appointment. Agents need never be at a loss for words again. No memorized scripts necessary! Darryl delivers the one game-changing technique that can dramatically (and easily) […]

Why You Need To Build Up Your Listings Inventory

Powerfact:  Listing Agents Work Smarter, Not Harder. By Darryl Davis, CSP We are in a new real estate reality, and one question that I had an agent comment on recently was about how much work it is to help buyers now, since it’s a sellers’ market. There are so few homes on the market […]

Calling FSBOs and Expireds On the Do Not Call List

[…] relationship with them within the last 18 months. It was listed with an agent through the MLS, and all of us are acting as sub-agents through that listing because we are authorized to show that property. Keep in mind, as I said earlier – whatever your broker says to do – that’s what you […]

How to Prospect Around Other Agent’s Listings

[…] (Be THAT agent.) I recently shared a strategy with you that one of our VIP coaching members shared with me that helps him get around TEN extra listings a year! (That would be good–right?) Here’s what he shared. Every time there is a new listing in a neighborhood by a competing agent, he gets […]

The Right Tools for a Listing Appointment

[…] tools at the right time makes all the difference. This week, I wanted to address one question I get a LOT. “What do I bring on a listing appointment?” In this age of technology, apps, and electronic wizardry – many agents are trying to find the best way to bridge the gap when face-to-face […]

4 Key Reasons Why Listings Are So Important

[…] work.  And life is full of enough frustration, don’t you think? Let’s do this instead – let’s get you focused, skilled, and a master of getting the listing – so your life can be something to really smile about. Sound good? Here are the top four reasons listings (and listing INVENTORY) are the name […]