January 20, 2020

Calling a Lost Listing

“Should I call after Losing a Listing?

That’s a question I get A LOT. Here’s my answer…

The only reason you would call a homeowner after losing a listing is purely for your benefit alone. You want to know where you went sideways-right? That’s about you – not them. And frankly, who knows if they would even tell you the truth?

Here is the truth though – every listing appointment is an opportunity to get stronger, better, more skilled, more practiced. So after every appointment, especially the ones you don’t get, before you even pull away from the curb, stop and reflect what you did right and what you did maybe that wasn’t so perfect. Ask yourself:

  1. What did I learn?
  2. What can I improve on?
  3. Was I fully present?
  4. Did I coach instead of close?
  5. Was I selling or serving?
  6. What can I do differently next time?
  7. What did I do right?

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Be in a constant state of improvement. That’s exactly how the best keep getting better and so can you.

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Until then — Keep SMILING! 

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