July 15, 2018

Four Timely Strategies for Showing Houses to Buyers

POWERFACT: Buyers buy with emotion – and justify with logic. 

Working — or as I like to say — playing with buyers? Awesome! This week, I want to help you have a little more fun with that, save some time, and get better results! How’s that for a trifecta?

Let’s take a look at four cool summer (or year-round) strategies for working with Buyers.

  1. Drive together when showing property. When you’ve got prospective buyers with you – rest assured they are BOTH checking out the properties — AND you. They want to see if you know your business, the market, the answers to their questions and if they can like you enough to trust you and do business with you. Driving together helps you to create that connection.
  2. Drive geographically to the properties you are showing. Ever know an agent (or been that agent) who zig-zags across town with no real strategy to show properties – often ending up in the same neighborhood or near the first one shown? Make sense of your route. Save time, effort, gas money —  and buyer confusion.
  3. Park ACROSS the street from the property. Seems like a little thing, but I promise, it makes a difference. When you park in the driveway — the house is literally on top of you – there’s no chance for an OOhhhhh or Ahhhhh factor. Park across the street and the buyers can take in the curb appeal, see the house as they approach, and have a much better showing experience.  (It’s the little things that add up to big things!
  4. Don’t bring anything! Ay! So many agents lug a ton of stuff with them into the showing. Tax records, lot size, notebooks, binders — stop. When showing properties, it’s important to focus on the feel of the house. Let your buyers take it in, be in the moment. When you bring a bunch of stuff in with you, it distracts and puts you and the buyers in a “logical” mode. Logic takes away from emotion. Buyers BUY with EMOTION, and they justify with logic. So, walk through, look for those buying signs, ask buyers how the house FEELS to them. If they say, “like home” — or something in that neighborhood — THEN go back to the office and check out the details while they are still in the glow of those FEELINGS.

I hope that helps! Have some fun with it.

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