October 22, 2018

Games Can Be Game-Changing

POWERFACT:  Visually walking consumers through the processes of buying and selling houses makes for a better customer experience.

Using visuals in your presentations is a great way to add authority, communicate more effectively, and ensure that people better understand the information your sharing. They are also a stress reducer for consumers when you are trying to take complicated processes and break them down into smaller, manageable pieces so that people don’t feel overwhelmed.

In the case of our Sellopoly and Loanopoly Boards — they are also a great way to add a little fun into your conversations — and who doesn’t need a little more fun in this business?

I’ve seen many different versions of these “game-boards” and puzzles over the years that agents have used to walk buyers and sellers through their real estate transactions. I love it. Anything you can do to be hands-on and better connected with the people you’re having a conversation with can be a game-changer. Plus, if you’re dealing with multiple people in a presentation situation, odds are that one is more analytical, and the other more emotional — visuals help connect with both!

Power Agents®, you’ll find the Sellopoly Board in Your Listing Appointment tab, and the Loanopoly in your Playing With Buyers tab in the Classroom! 

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