March 25, 2019

Get On the Court!

POWERFACT:  The more you let others distract you from your work, the slower the path to your goals.

I’m not a sports guy. Not even a little bit. But I do love a good sports analogy (and analogies in general) because they can help me communicate an important message to agents and audiences!

Picture yourself at a basketball game and people are yelling and screaming from the bleachers at the players on the court. Like they’re the experts! The thing is, the professionals on the court? The guys and gals that are actually playing pro ball? They’re not fazed by the crowd. They’re focused on the GAME. On using the skills, the training, the coaching, and the teamwork they need to score — and win.

That’s what I want you to do this week, and every week. Forget the distractions like all those people who are so busy complaining about the market, the broker, the this, the that. Instead, get your head in the game. Use the skills, tools, training, and coaching you’ve got going for you and stay focused on the activities that you need to do daily to generate listings and build relationships.

This is a great time to be in real estate. A balanced market means that things are fairer for everyone —  the sellers, buyers, and the agent! So, don’t waste time with the distractions and naysayers — stay FOCUSED on your goal and what you need to do to hit that goal!

I’m going to be covering a lot about this topic on our next webinar. I hope you’ll join us!

How to Leverage the Agent’s Market™ – April 3rd
(The Sweet Spot Between the Seller’s Market and Buyer’s Market)

In this empowering webinar, agents will learn how trends will work in their favor as markets shift.

What is the Agent’s Market? It’s the market between a “Seller’s Market” and a “Buyer’s Market” that more equally favors all parties, including real estate professionals. This is the “sweet spot” for us. It’s the market that becomes a great equalizer in terms of fairness to buyers, sellers, and agents. And this is the market where we, real estate professionals, make the most money.

  • Here’s What You’ll Learn:
  • How to become the dominant LISTING INVENTORY EXPERT in your market
  • How to position yourself to thrive in EVERY market condition
  • The four sections of a powerful listing conversation
  • The best sources for finding hundreds of listing leads in the next 90 days
  • How to list 7 out of 10 listing appointments you go on with FSBOs and Expireds
  • How to generate 2 listings appointments for every 4 calls to FSBOs and Expireds
  • How to put together a listing conversation that uses your own words, not a memorized script
  • How to show a homeowner that by selling FSBO, they could lose 14.49% off their bottom line
  • How to show buyers 5-7 houses and write a contract the SAME DAY
  • How to feel in control of EVERY appointment


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