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December 14, 2023

Holiday Tipping Guide for Real Estate Agents: Showing Appreciation to Service Professionals

The holiday season is a time for giving thanks for what we have and showing appreciation to those who have made a positive impact on our lives throughout the year.

As a real estate agent, you KNOW just how valuable exceptional service is, whether it’s from your own team members or other people in your sphere of life. This holiday season, consider spreading the joy by expressing your gratitude to the service professionals and others who support you in your business and your life. 

Why Holiday Tipping Matters 

Tipping service professionals during the holidays is a meaningful way to acknowledge their hard work, dedication, and the valuable role they play in your life. It fosters goodwill, strengthens relationships, and can lead to even better collaboration in the future. Your gesture of appreciation can make a significant difference in the lives of those who assist you behind the scenes. 

Who to Tip and How Much 

  1. Mail Carrier/Postal Worker: Show your appreciation to the person responsible for delivering important documents and client communications. Consider giving a cash gift or a gift card in the range of $20 to $50.  
  1. Pool Service Technician: If you have a pool, or there is a pool on one of your property listings, don’t forget to acknowledge the pool service technician. A tip equivalent to one service visit or approximately $20 to $50 is customary.  
  1. Hairdresser/Barber: Maintaining a polished appearance is vital for real estate agents so that you always make a great impression. Tip your regular stylist the cost of one salon visit or around 15-20% of the cost of your last appointment.
  1. Housekeeper/Cleaning Service: A clean and inviting home, whether it’s your own or one of your properties, is crucial. While you are out taking care of clients, your cleaning services take care of you. Depending on the frequency and quality of service, consider giving the equivalent of one week’s pay or more as a holiday bonus.  
  1. Lawn Care/Landscaping Professional: Curb appeal matters in real estate, as it can make or break that crucial first impression. A tip of $20 to $50 or the cost of one service visit is an appropriate range to express your gratitude.
  1. Pet Groomer: If you have furry friends who share your home and pay you in cuddles, show your appreciation to the pet groomer with a tip equivalent to the cost of one grooming session or around 15-20% of the service fee.
  1. Childcare Provider/Babysitter: If you have children or occasionally need babysitting services while working with clients, consider giving a holiday bonus equivalent to one week’s pay for regular childcare providers. For occasional babysitters, a cash gift or gift card is a thoughtful gesture, typically around $20 to $50.
  1. Garbage/Recycling Collectors: Keep your property listings looking their best by acknowledging the sanitation workers. Check with your local waste management or collection service for any holiday tipping policies, and if allowed, give $10 to $30 per collector.  
  1. Delivery Drivers (e.g., UPS, FedEx): Ensure your real estate transactions go smoothly by recognizing the hard work of delivery drivers. Check company policies on gift-giving and, if allowed, offer a cash gift or gift card in the range of $20 to $50.
  1. Home Care Aides/Healthcare Workers: If you work with elderly clients or individuals who require home healthcare services, express your gratitude with a gift or tip equivalent to one week’s pay for these dedicated professionals.

Personalize Your Gestures 

These are general guidelines that you can use in setting your budget, and it’s important to consider the level of service you’ve received throughout the year. What’s most important, however, is that you personalize your holiday tips to show your genuine heartfelt appreciation for the people who help build your business, even if it’s indirectly. Take this opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with these valuable service professionals who help you shine in your real estate career. 

In conclusion, holiday tipping is not just a tradition; it’s a way to show appreciation and foster goodwill among the service professionals who support your real estate endeavors. By following this holiday tipping guide, you can make a positive impact and ensure that your real estate business continues to thrive. 

Wishing you a joyous and successful holiday season! 

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