July 2, 2018

How and Why to Do a Neighborhood Open House

POWERFACT:  If you invite them CORRECTLY — they will come.

Ok, let me share a little secret with you. If you’re not PROACTIVE — a lot of those people wandering around your public open house will just be nosy neighbors trying hard not to LOOK like they’re just being nosy neighbors!

I say have a little fun with it — and better your chances of turning some of those neighbors into new customers! Here’s what I mean by that:  When you first take a listing — before you do a public open house, I advise you to do a neighborhood open house. One where you tell your sellers, “Listen, Mr. and Mrs. Hunna Hunna — the people who will spend the most money for a home are the ones with an emotional connection to the neighborhood. Those are the best potential customers. A lot of times, what we find is that that emotional connection can come from moving into an area where the buyer already has a friend or loved one nearby. That’s why I’d like to do a neighborhood open house, to invite your neighbors to stop by even before we do the public open house. Now some may be uncomfortable if you are present, but I will handle everything on your behalf.”

OK – now what you do is go out and get some of that nice wedding stationary from the local office supply and print out invitations for the open house, let the neighbors know that homeowners will not be present, but they are all welcome to stop by. Hand-address the envelopes, and put a real stamp on them! This is big!

Then, when they show up — you are there asking all the right questions — with all the right resources, and positioning yourself to be the agent with the answers.

Here’s the advantages: 

  1. When you host your public open house, you won’t be wasting time with neighbors who are lying that they’re buying!
  2. When touring the property, you’re not trying to sell them on the property, you’re asking questions and making statements like, “So, how long have you been in the neighborhood? What do you like most about the neighborhood? Have you ever thought about moving? If you were going to move, where would you move to? Have you ever had a market analysis done on your property? As an agent, I recommend that homeowners get a market analysis done once a year so that you are on top of the value of your home. If you’d like, we can set a time where I can come over, I don’t mind, and take a look at your home, then create a report for you so that you have an accurate analysis so that should you ever decide to move, you’ll know what your home is worth.”
  3. If you have 50 people show up, you should walk away with 20+ CMA’s!

Our Neighborhood Market Certificate is a good “give away” at your open house as a gift for attending. 

You’ll find it in your Listing Appointment tab. It’s in PowerPoint, so you can easily edit and add your contact information to the certificate or change the color bar to match your logo. Click here to download it.How and Why to Do a Neighborhood Open House

It’s a great tool to print out and take with you as you canvas a neighborhood as well which you may want to do right before or right after your neighborhood open house.. You may also want to go into your Farming tab and download the July SMILE Stop ideas. There are some fun strategies for reaching out to clients this month.

You may want to check out the Open House Checklist as well – you’ll find it in the Listing Appointment tab of your Classroom!

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