How Resentment Poisons Your Enthusiasm
September 13, 2021

How Resentment Poisons Your Enthusiasm 

When things don’t work out the way you hoped, resentment can build. This can affect our daily life in unexpected ways, which is why learning to let go is the key to happiness. 

One thing that I don’t touch on very often in my motivational mindset articles is dealing with resentments, and why we need to let go of them. 

Things don’t always go the way we want, people don’t always act the way we expect, and those dreams that you hope for don’t always happen. Life, unfortunately, isn’t fair. Resentment can start to fester, and before we know it, it’s taken root. 

When you carry resentments in your life, it’s like a physical weight on your shoulders. It’s heavy, and it sucks the joy out of you and robs you of your energy and enthusiasm.  

Resentment is Like Poison 

Saint Augustine once said, “Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” It’s a wasted emotion because carrying all that resentment doesn’t hurt the other person, it only hurts you. 

During this pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of people that have taken sides on a lot of the issues like masks vs. no masks, vaccines vs no vaccines, lockdowns vs no lockdowns, and when we carry resentment for that other group (no matter which group you are in), that also robs your joy and enthusiasm. It robs you of who you are. 

The Junk Drawer Analogy 

We all know about The Junk Drawer…everyone has one. Every time you walk by it, you think, “oh man, I really need to clean that out.” There are keys that you don’t even know what they unlock, a random assortment of small tools, 146 hex keys, and other random things that you don’t want to throw out because you might discover what it’s used for one day when you need it and no longer have it. Sound familiar? Every time you pass that drawer, you feel that life-sucking “ugh” in your heart. 

Resentment is the same way, big or small. 

The Airline Baggage Analogy 

Before this pandemic started, an interesting thing started happening with the airlines. They were trying to find ways to be a little more profitable, so they started charging you more for bags. The more baggage you had, the more it would cost you. 

Resentment is like that baggage — the more you have, the more it costs you and weighs you down. 

Letting It Go 

The best vaccine against resentment is acceptance. Once you can accept people the way they are, or accept that a situation happened, the easier it will become to let go of the resentment.  

When you can stop looking back at what didn’t go right and start looking forward, you will be able to go out and make a difference and be that extraordinary person that you are meant to be.  

What’s Next? 

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