How To Gain Confidence as a New Real Estate Agent
May 1, 2021

How To Gain Confidence as a New Real Estate Agent 

Powerfact: Commit to learning and mastering the skills you need. Then you will gain the confidence you need to win over potential clients during the listing conversation. 

By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Darryl Davis, CSP

The real estate industry has seen an influx of new agents over the last year, and as one of our Power Agents® stated this week, she is brand new and is concerned about having that “new car smell” when she goes out to meet with potential clients. 

Gaining Confidence as a New Real Estate Agent

Facing the Dreaded Question 

As new real estate agents, how do you answer when the homeowner inevitably asks about your experience? It feels a little like a vicious cycle – you can’t get a listing without experience, but you can’t get experience without a listing! 

This is what I recommend: 

First, consider your appointment as a listing conversation rather than a presentation. Remember, you are just conversing with a homeowner and trying to help them get clear on their commitment and get to their next level. Our Power Agents® come from a place of serving, not selling and coaching not closing. As a new real estate agent, that approach is vitally important and will serve you well in your career.  

My second recommendation is to go on your listing conversation appointments with another, more experienced, agent as your backup. It’s a terrific way to get your feet wet, learn from another’s experience, and build knowledge and confidence.  

The Truth Behind the Question 

The truth is, most homeowners won’t ask how long you have been in real estate or how many homes you have sold, unless they get a whiff of insecurity. When they sense your insecurity, that “new car smell” (or “new agent smell”), might prompt the question. Once you’ve had some experience and training, you’ll present yourself with confidence and the question will no longer pop up.  

The Bike Analogy 

Let me share something with you. When I was really young, and learning to ride a bike, my father helped me. He took my training wheels off my bike, and held the back of my seat and run behind me as I peddled. He finally let go, and there I was, riding a bike! (Sound familiar?)  

Now, let’s say it didn’t happen that way. Let’s pretend my dad decided to help me learn to ride a bike by hiring scientists to explain things like gravitational pull, bringing in Olympic cyclists to explain how to balance my body on the bike, or sat me down to watch videos and read books on bike riding?  All of those things are wonderful, but would that have worked? No. 

What actually helped me learn balance was physically getting on the bike and practicing. Sure, I would fall over sometimes, but eventually, I figured out how to ride a bike.

Real estate is just like learning to ride a bike. You can attend every webinar there is, read every book, listen to every session, and talk to experts, but until you actually physically get face-to-face with that homeowner, you won’t find your “balance”.  The more conversations you have, the better skilled you become.  

Give Yourself Grace 

Mistakes are inevitable.  You’ll “fall down” a few times. Heck, throughout your career, you’ll fall down many times. That’s all right. It’s how we learn. In fact, it’s how we learn best. Give yourself permission to fail, and to fall. Know that every time you do you will be one step closer to being a better agent. It won’t take long. Commit to learning, to BEING, not DOING real estate. To serving, not selling. You’ll surprise yourself when you do in the best possible ways.  


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