How to Leverage Social Media as a Real Estate Agent
February 20, 2021

How to Leverage Social Media as a Real Estate Agent

There are some specific ways your real estate business could be bolstered by social media, and they are simpler than you might think.

So you have your social media accounts set up and you try to post content on a somewhat regular basis. But are you really getting any benefit from your social media efforts?

Here are 3 Simple Ideas to Get You Up and Running

1. Post Content that Captures Leads

Yes, you know you need to post on a regular basis, but what if those posts could also act as lead capture forms? With Power Builder’s add-on service Social Stream, they can. Not only does Social Stream easily find and post amazing content for you, but it ensures that the reader isn’t taken to a different website to read the content. Instead, the article, video, picture, etc., is housed within a page that contains YOUR branding and a lead capture pop-up. This means that great content is doing double duty for you, establishing you as an expert in all things home and generating more leads for you – without you having to lift a finger after initial setup.

2. Integrate Your Contacts’ Social Media Information

Social media doesn’t have to be exclusively about promoting yourself, it can also be a valuable tool in getting to know your contacts. Thanks to Power Builder’s social media intelligence, you can look up what a hot prospect is interested in on Twitter or sharing on LinkedIn. You can use this to improve your conversations and outreach with them. You can also invite these contacts to follow you on your social accounts so that they are seeing your awesome content on a regular basis.

3. Include Your Social Media Feeds on Your Website

If you are spending the time putting great content out there on your social accounts, you want more people to see it! Including your Facebook or Twitter feeds on your website is a great way to do this, and further establish yourself as an expert. With Power Builder’s agent websites, setting up these feeds is extremely easy. They also allow you to easily add your social media links to help build your social media following!

Now you have three ways to leverage your social media to truly build your business, with little to no extra effort on your part. And as a busy real estate agent, we know exactly how valuable that time is to you. Try out these features with the Power Builder CRM.


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