June 11, 2018

How to Prospect Around Other Agent’s Listings

POWERFACT:  When a home is listed in a neighborhood, statistics show that the NEXT house to be listed will be with a different agent. (Be THAT agent.)

I recently shared a strategy with you that one of our VIP coaching members shared with me that helps him get around TEN extra listings a year! (That would be good–right?)

Here’s what he shared. Every time there is a new listing in a neighborhood by a competing agent, he gets on the phone (or starts canvassing the neighborhood) to speak with the other homeowners because he shared that the next homes to list almost always list with another agent. Why? Because psychologically, the neighbors feel like if they list with that same agent, somehow that agent is going to share the inside scoop on their business with that other neighbor!

A dialogue for this might be, “Hello Mr. Hunna Hunna? This is Darryl from Power Agent Realty, how are you?  The reason for my call is you might have noticed that your neighbor at 123 Main Street just listed with another real estate firm. When that happens, we almost always anticipate a big uptick in buyer activity in the area. So, the reason for my call is to see if you know anyone in the area that is interested in selling? (Wait for their answer. If yes, set an appointment. If not, ask again a different way.) Ok, I understand — have you all ever thought of selling? (If yes, close for the appointment. If not, ask a third question.) Awesome — lastly, Mr. Hunna Hunna, I wanted to tell you that I can provide for you a Free Neighborhood Market Report on your home. Financial advisors recommend getting on every year on your home so that you can be on top of things like what your neighbors got paid for their homes, what market influences are affecting your home equity, and what your property is currently worth. Would that be of interest to you? Great — let’s set that up!” That then becomes an opportunity to deliver a CMA to the homeowner and set a potential listing appointment and become a resource!

Now — a side note. If you’re the agent that JUST took the listing, it’s your job to start canvassing first and make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that you never share client information and that you are a resource that can be trusted.

Watch the video to learn more.

We added a certificate for the Neighborhood Market Report in your Farming Tab. It’s in PowerPoint, so you can easily edit and add your contact information to the certificate. Click here to download it.

It’s a great tool to print out and take with you as you canvas a neighborhood. You may also want to go into your Farming tab and download the June SMILE Stop ideas. There are some fun strategies for reaching out to clients this month.

You’ll also find dialogue in that tab for door knocking using this certificate! Give it a try this weekend! Agents are getting amazing results!

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