How to Tap Into The Referral Gold in Your Power Agent® Directory Today
May 15, 2024

How to Tap Into The Referral Gold in Your Power Agent® Directory Today

If you’re not using the Power Agent Directory®, you’re definitely leaving money and opportunity on the table.

When real estate agents think about getting referrals and generating leads, they usually think of buyers and sellers from their sphere and farm, right? What they DON’T always think about is the mind-boggling potential in their referral network of fellow agents!

If that just stopped you in your tracks because you never thought of this before, then the second you finish reading this, you need to log in to your POWER PROGRAM® dashboard, click on the Power Agent Directory®, fill in your profile (don’t forget the picture!), and start making connections! 

Start Sending and Receiving Referrals

Right now, we have a powerful Directory, filled to the brim with the profiles of thousands of agents. These agents have made the decision to become POWER AGENTS®, meaning they are already a higher caliber professional. They have committed themselves to learning and growing more skilled, and those are exactly the kind of agents you want handling your referrals. Not only that, but it makes you exactly the kind of agent they want handling theirs!  So, start sharing! 

We all know that we are human beings with limitations. We can’t be everywhere at once, nor are we as knowledgeable about some property types, not to mention that we’re simply out of our element geographically to help a client the way we want. That’s when referring a client out makes total sense. They manage the transaction from start to finish, make you look like a rock star for referring them, and you get a real estate referral fee. 

That’s a win-win-win!

Our team has made it super easy to follow along with this step-by-step video for getting started! 

Pay Special Attention to Your Locations

In the “My Locations” section, you can add as many locations as you want, so if you are licensed in two states – add both primary cities you work in each of those states. This section is the key to agents finding you specifically when they have a referral in your market area!

“How Do I Take an Effective Profile Head Shot?” 

Taking an effective profile picture can greatly enhance your online presence and professional image. Here are some photography tips to help you capture a compelling and engaging profile headshot: 

  1. Lighting: Lighting is crucial in photography, especially for headshots. Soft, diffused lighting is generally the most flattering for portraits. Natural light from a window or outdoor shade can work well. Avoid harsh, direct sunlight or overhead artificial lighting that creates unflattering shadows. 
  2. Background: Choose a simple and uncluttered background that doesn’t distract from the main subject (you). A plain wall, a neutral-colored backdrop, or a blurred background can all work effectively. Ensure that the background is clean and free from any distracting elements. 
  3. Composition: Frame the headshot with enough space around the face and shoulders. A balanced composition can provide a professional and polished look. Position the subject slightly off-center for a more dynamic and engaging image. Don’t forget to use The Rule of Thirds grid! 
  4. Eye contact: Maintain direct eye contact with the camera. This helps establish a connection with the viewer and creates a more engaging and trustworthy image. Avoid looking away or down unless there’s a specific purpose or artistic intent. Also, make sure the eyes are sharp and in focus. 
  5. Clothing and grooming: Dress appropriately for the purpose of your headshot. Choose clothing that suits your professional or personal brand and conveys the desired message. Ensure your grooming is neat and tidy, paying attention to details like hair, makeup, and accessories. 
  6. Pose and body language: Position your body comfortably and naturally. Keep your shoulders relaxed and avoid stiff posture. Experiment with different angles and head tilts to find the most flattering look. Remember, a slight tilt or turn of the head can add interest to the composition. 

Remember, the goal of a profile headshot is to present yourself in an authentic and professional manner. Experiment, review your shots, and make adjustments as needed to achieve the desired outcome. 

“But What Do I Put in My Bio?” 

We get that question a lot! That’s why we brought in real estate copywriting expert Christy Murdock to do a masterclass specifically on writing bios! (She also did a session on writing powerful property descriptions for you!) You’ll find both in the guest speaker section at the bottom of your Webinars on Demand tab in the classroom. 

PRO TIP: Once you’ve mastered your bio – you’ll want to be sure to update it not only in the Power Agent Directory® but also on your social media profiles and in your NAR profile, as well. 

Getting Extra Help 

Gale Carlos and Shelly Henry host hands-on classroom training sessions every Thursday morning at 11 AM Eastern. It’s a great way to watch and learn as she demonstrates over Zoom how to use the directory, find Classroom items, watch webinars on demand, and more. It’s very fun and informal, and agents from all over get to ask their questions and learn together in a supportive, cheerful atmosphere! Look for the link here – always the second link in the top row! 

Extra Bonuses! 

Did you know that many of your fellow members also use the Power Agent Directory® to find role-playing or integrity partners, mentors, local mastermind groups, and new friends? Yep! Agents are making new connections that bring them both referrals and help them become stronger business professionals. 

Use Your Power Agent Directory® today… 

  • To find someone to role-play dialogues and practice analogies and metaphors 
  • To find a partner to hold each other accountable for productivity and goals 
  • To find someone who speaks your language to share ideas and skill building 
  • To create a local group of agents to mastermind with 
  • Send or receive a referral 

Don’t leave opportunity on the table for one more day. Take full advantage of your Power Agent Directory® by filling out your profile and finding new connections! 

Need help? 

Use that blue chat button there on the bottom right of your screen, join us for the Thursday training, or click here for tutorials! We’ve got you covered! 

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