How to Use Our Real Estate Motivational Dot Board!
October 10, 2021

How to Use Our Real Estate Motivational Dot Board!

A visual reminder of where you are in relation to your goals can be a powerful motivator for productivity.

One of the things that we use in the Power Program® is what we call our Dot Board.  I had an agent tell me recently,  “It’s crazy – when I used it, I had my best year ever. Then I stopped using it and it wasn’t until my production started to dip that I realized what changed! I’m back at it and back in the game.” (I love when that happens.)

It’s the little things–right? They can make a big difference. So, this week, I wanted to share how to use the Dot Board and what it can mean for your own productivity and motivation. Watch below …

I love tools like this because they can help put some fun back into our business. For me, and a lot of other agents — that helps in designing lives worth smiling about!

Love these examples of agents sharing their success using the Dot Board!

Power Agent Dot Board Success

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