March 12, 2018

How to Use the Inventory Chart

POWERFACT: When you’re building your business — INVENTORY is what makes your business. Use a visual to ALWAYS know where you are in relationship to your goal.

I’m all for using visuals to track your progress. This week, I wanted to share how our Power Agents® use the Listing Inventory Chart to stay focused on the inventory they have and what they need to continue to grow their business. I tell agents that being in this business is a little like owning a shoe store. If you’ve got no “shoes” in the store — there’s nothing for people to buy. Your “shoes” are your listings — and carrying enough inventory is the secret to knowing where your next commission will come from. See, I believe designing a life worth smiling about includes using systems to stay off that commission roller coaster. There’s not a lot of smiling when you don’t know when the next time you’ll be paid is — right? This helps. Use it and the Dot Board as great visual reminders to stay on track and focused on your listing inventory every week. You can find both in the Power Agent Classroom under Systems and Checklists

Start using it today and watch your success skyrocket! 

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