February 19, 2018

Management Moments of Truth

MANAGEMENT POWERFACT: The more you pay attention to the little things — the more BIG things you’ll have to celebrate as an organization.

This week, I wanted to reach out to the brokers and managers. After sitting in on roundtable discussions in the last few conferences my team and I have attended, I realized that as much as we are helping to deliver tools, strategies, insights, and solutions for agents — we feel like delivering tools and strategies for real estate brokers and managers is a powerful way to help brokers help their teams. 

The number one question I get is, “How do I get my agents to build more inventory?” Followed closely by, “How can I help agents produce at a higher level, and How do I help adopt the tools that are available to them, and not try to reinvent the wheel?”

This week, I wanted to share with you the inspiring story of Jan Carlzon — who once took the failing Scandinavian Airline from the brink of bankruptcy to a success story in a short amount of time by seeking out hundreds of “moments of truth” where customers interacted with team members that could be improved to deliver more value and better care. I believe that same principle can be applied to leading real estate teams.  Your internal customers are your agents. And identifying and fine-tuning your Management Moments with them will build trust and solidify your relationships, increase retention, cultivate teamwork, inspire productivity and more. Watch below to learn more.


Our company mission is to help people design a life and career worth SMILING about. We do that in a lot of different ways for real estate professionals. We deliver timely tools that help them streamline their business — and work smarter, rather than harder in our POWER PROGRAM®. We help them genuinely strengthen their sales skills so they can earn a more CONSISTENT living and NOT have to feel like they are on a commission roller-coaster through our live one-day workshops, keynotes, and speaking engagements around the world. And we host a live coaching call every week that every agent can attend and get their questions answered.

If there is something we can do to help you build your team, strengthen their skills, or help you to both recognize and act on those Management Moments that will help you continuously move your organization with forward, positive momentum — just let us know. We’re here to help. You can call me directly at (800) 395-3905 or message us via our contact form



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