November 13, 2017

Prospecting + Consistency = Income

A Reliable Equation for Success

By Real Estate Speaker and Coach Darryl Davis

PowerFact: It doesn’t matter whether you’re a top producer or a first-month salesperson … when your prospecting efforts dwindle, so does your income.

No matter how busy you are, you must constantly prospect in order to remain successful in real estate. However, for a lot of agents, picking up that telephone is a very difficult thing to do.

Here’s the nasty little secret to prospecting — the toughest point is getting STARTED. It’s no different than when you take on any new activity that requires a change in behavior.

Overcoming your old habits requires significant commitment and effort before you can feel comfortable.

That’s why I want to challenge you to make the commitment now that for the next 30 days, without fail, you will make x number of calls each day, or block out x number of hours each day to totally devote to prospecting. If you do that on a regular basis for a month, I promise you that picking up that telephone and prospecting will no longer be such a daunting task.

You will overcome something. You’ll move beyond this vague fear, or whatever it is that might be holding you back. And, believe me, once you overcome it, then it’s easy. It really is a piece of cake.

Remember, prospecting is the name of the game.

We’re in a great profession. We do more than just list and sell houses. We make a difference with people by helping them move from point “A” to point “B” in their lives. Now, how we know we’re doing a good job of this is how much money we make. Money is a gauge of how many people we are helping; the more we help people, the more money we make.

Let me share what I call the Links to Success. In order to make more money, we need more closings. To have more closings, we need more listings; to have more listings, we need to attend more appointments; to have more appointments, we need to schedule them; in order to schedule them, we need to PROSPECT. So, prospecting is the first link to success. The more you do of this, the rest will naturally fall into place. Even if you’re really bad at it, the more you do it, the more results you will get. Why? Because real estate is a numbers game. Studies show that if you call enough people and just bark into the phone, eventually someone is going to say, “You must be a Realtor®. Come on over!”

Lean into the challenge. Make it part of your daily and weekly routine. When you do? Imagine how much more successful you’ll be – and how much more at ease you’ll be with prospecting. When you’re more at ease – your business life becomes a lot more fun. You’ll be more focused on changing lives and helping people than a yes or a no at the end of the phone.

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