real estate question of the week how to handle rejection
May 12, 2023

Question of the week: How do I handle rejection? 

One of the top reasons agents don’t succeed is fear of rejection. That idea of getting a “no” on the phone stops them from even dialing the first number.

You’ve seen it, we’ve seen it, and agents feel it.  

Here are three strategies to help handle rejection:  

  1. Come from a place of service, not sales. When you’re calling to “get an appointment” – that’s what’s coming through. The goal shouldn’t be taking or getting anything (a win-lose scenario). It should be building a relationship with another human being (a win-win scenario). When you do the appointment will take care of itself.  
  2. Fail faster. One of the best ways to get past the fear of rejection is just to dive in and make the calls without putting pressure on the outcome. Tough to do, we get it, but the more calls an agent makes the more acclimated they become, the easier it is to make the next dial. We even talked about using a dialer system so that agents can burn through that learning curve faster.  
  3. Have a track to stay focused. We don’t believe in canned scripts, and neither should you. The last thing as industry professionals is another reason to be labeled “salesy”. A track, however, or dialogue, helps agents stay focused on the phone. Introduce, Identify, Ask a Question, Build Rapport, etc.  

As leaders, giving agents the tools and training they need to move past fear and into confidence is vital. As tight as the market is, we are hearing agent wins week after week by simply putting smart strategies and practices in place. Call us if we can help you do the same for your organization. 

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