NAR Lawsuit Resource Hub
March 31, 2024

Real Estate Expert Darryl Davis Provides Comprehensive Resource and Training Hub in Response to NAR Commission Settlement

Darryl Davis provides clear guidance to help agents and brokers adapt their practices, debunk misconceptions, and build confident, thriving businesses in a changing industry.

Darryl Davis, one of the industry’s top real estate coaches and speakers, provides an extensive resource and training hub designed to help real estate professionals navigate the impacts of the recent NAR Lawsuit Settlement.

“The settlement and impending changes are frankly overwhelming for many agents and consumers right now. I wanted to break things down into clear, actionable guidance,” said Davis. “My goal is to provide agents and brokers with the tools and training they need to adapt, thrive, and hold their heads high in a changing industry.” 

The resource hub at features comprehensive on-demand webinars complete with lengthy Q&A sessions, powerful articles, short pieces of training on some of the key factors involved, plus sample commission agreements, presentations, marketing plans, dialogues, collateral tools and more.   

“These lawsuits and the repercussions have and will continue to change how agents do business,” Davis explained. “We have a battle call for all of us who have spent lives and careers in the service of home buyers and sellers to dispute and debunk the inflammatory headlines and misinformation being projected about REALTORS®, and I am committed to take on that challenge.” 

Davis added that the hub will expand and evolve as the impacts of the verdict continue unfolding and future lawsuits are filed. “This is an ongoing education process. The initial materials provide a strong foundation, and my team and I will add more resources to address new developments as swiftly and comprehensively as possible.” 

Davis has spent over three decades coaching and consulting in the real estate sphere and is the founder of the real estate coaching and marketing platform, the POWER AGENT® Program. He is known for his insightful take on industry trends, teaching agents to be authentically themselves and to serve, not sell. With humor, heart, and a lifelong dedication to serving and supporting the real estate community with real-world strategies, solutions, and answers, he’s built a reputation as a fierce advocate for real estate agents and leaders around the world.  

“Darryl is one of the sharpest minds in real estate,” said Julie Jones, a broker who has worked with Davis. “If anyone can demystify all this legal change, it’s him.” 

The new hub aims to condense complex issues into clear guidance agents can apply immediately. “I want every agent to feel confident and prepared,” said Davis. “This verdict may change our industry, but it doesn’t have to break your business.” 

To explore the free resources, visit today. 

Here’s what agents are saying: 

Darryl and his team have been preparing us for this day since November 2023. POWER AGENTS® are not surprised at all by the NAR announcement. We were prepared and ready to go!! Kathleen Turner, POWER AGENT®, Property Choices Real Estate  

I came to Darryl because do one else was talking about this lawsuit and now I am getting more listings. John Diaz, Broker, POWER AGENT® 

This is invaluable!! I feel confident about what I’m saying to both buyers and sellers. Most agents in my office do not. Debbie Pippin, POWER AGENT®, Patterson Schwartz Real Estate  

POWER AGENTS® are rock solid on this topic. We’ve been in training for this since November 2023. Angela Service, POWER AGENT®, Jack Conway

Thanks to Darryl, POWER AGENTS® have been preparing for this since November 2023. The items in the settlement are really no surprise to us. Laura Lewis, POWER AGENT®, Homes of Hawai’i Real Estate

It has helped me create my value proposition and especially talk about this NAR mess. Debbie Buckner, POWER AGENT®, Benchmark Realty, LLC  

I feel like I have gained support and knowledge about this lawsuit, something our firms do not have the time to do. Pam Grant, POWER AGENT®, Re/Max Honors

Darryl is helping us master the buyer and seller commission conversation. We as REALTORS® are stronger after the NAR Lawsuit. – Jackie Chantengco, POWER AGENT®, The Triwest Financial Group, Inc.

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About Darryl Davis  

Darryl Davis is an award-winning speaker, coach, and best-selling author of three books published by McGraw Hill Publishers. For 30+ years, Darryl has trained more than 150,000 salespeople around the globe to double their production.  He holds the CSP designation (given to less than 2% of all speakers worldwide) by the National Speaker’s Association. Audiences walk away from Darryl’s sessions with the tools and training they need to build their businesses and design careers worth smiling about.    

About the Power Program®  

A one-stop shop for real estate agent success, the POWER AGENT® Program delivers competitive, cost-effective real estate coaching, training, and customizable marketing tools that allow sales agents to dramatically increase listing inventory, build a stronger business foundation, create customers for life, feel more authentic and confident, have less stress, and design a career and life worth smiling about.  

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