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Coaching Calls

Coaching Calls POWERFACT: The best get better when they’ve got the support of a coach and team behind them. NOW join us for Live coaching calls EVERY* Monday. Bring your best questions, problems, concerns, or GOOD NEWS to our calls each week at 11AM Eastern. We’ll open the phone lines and make sure […]

Qualities To Look for When Searching For A Real Estate Coach

There are a number of statistics that predict failure for brand-new agents within their first two years, but we disagree! We know that any agent who chooses to use a real estate coach from the start sees the value (and success!) in this incredible partnership. Being a real estate agent can be tough, and […]

Eight Great Tools for Creating Real Estate Success Stories 

[…] stories look and feel like for different people, and some of the stories got a little personal and emotional.   Sometimes success stories are like that, right? You catch a glimpse of what others say and read how they turned impossible to possible, and you start to think, “Hey, I can do that too!”  You […]

Podcast Backup

[…] Podcasts and audio learning is a great way to take in information in a whole different way. In this tab, you’ll find podcasts of our Power Hour Calls, Interviews with Top Agents and professionals, and skill-based training that’s “music” to a salesperson’s ears! Enjoy!  COACHING CALLS: July 23rd Listen in at –> July 30th Listen in at –> August 6th Listen in at –> August 13th Listen in at –> August 27th Listen in at –> September 3rd Listen in at –> September 4th Listen in at –> September 10th Listen in at -> September 17th Listen in at –> September 24th Listen in at –> October 1st  Listen in at –> October 8th Listen in at –>  October 15th Listen in at -> October 22nd Listen in at–> October 29th Listen in at –> November 5th Listen in at –> November 12th Listen in at –> November 19th Listen in at –-> Monday, November 26th  11:00AM Eastern Listen in at –> Monday, December 3rd 11:00AM Eastern Listen at –> Monday, January 7th, 11 AM Eastern Listen in at –> Monday, January 14th, 11 AM Eastern Listen in at –> Monday, January 21th, 11 AM Eastern Listen in at –>   TOP AGENT INTERVIEWS: Power Agent Interview with Elias Christodoulakis Power Agent Interview with Cory Muscara Power Agent Interview with George Rosario Power Agent Interview with […]

How Much Does Real Estate Coaching Cost?

Evaluating real estate coaching costs and whether the ROI is right for you is an important career decision. There’s an age-old question in our industry, and that is, “How much does real estate coaching cost?” The age-old answer that usually follows it is, “If you do it or if you don’t?”  The “if you […]

The Crucial Role of Coaching in Lifelong Learning and Boosting Mental Health

The power of learning isn’t just to build skills but to improve your overall health while building your business.  In this competitive market and climate, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. As an agent, you’re probably well aware of the challenges and opportunities this industry presents, but what you might not […]

Digital Darryl™ Revolutionizes Real Estate Coaching with AI-Powered, On-Demand Platform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Darryl Davis launches revolutionary, first-of-its-kind AI real estate coach, Digital Darryl™, offering 24/7 coaching and training for agents. Rocky Point, New York — March 22, 2024 — In an unprecedented leap forward for real estate professionals eager to elevate their careers, Darryl Davis Seminars announced last week the launch of Digital […]

FACT vs FICTION: 8 Falsehoods Real Estate Agents Need to Know  

From misunderstandings to misconceptions, many opinions are often treated as fact, and many concepts are treated more like expectations or assumptions. Let’s set the record straight!  Former U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson said, “In the real estate business you learn more about people, and you learn more about community issues, you learn more about life, […]

Best Value Real Estate Agent Training and Coaching for $2.23 Per Day

When Real Estate Agents Are Looking for Real Estate Training and Coaching – They Want Value and Results. We’re bringing that to the table for agents at every stage of their real estate careers! So, today, we decided to have a little fun with our readers. We shared a little bit about us, what […]

Top 10 Questions Real Estate Agents Ask Their Real Estate Coach 

Our Coaching calls are filled to the brim with GREAT questions! We’ve compiled some of the top 10 questions real estate agents ask a real estate coach! See if any sound FAMILIAR!   No matter how long you have been a real estate professional, you probably have some questions! They may even sound like […]

Why “Coaching, Not Closing” Is Key to Success

Powerfact:  Coming from a place of service is a powerful differentiator. By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Darryl Davis, CSP I have spoken often about the term “coach, don’t close” and this week, and for those who haven’t heard me say that before, I want to clarify what that really means. Closing vs Coaching […]

Elevating Your Team Through Lifelong Learning

As Real Estate Leaders, you want your team to thrive. One of the best ways to make that happen is through continual learning and coaching.  Leadership can make or break a business. It’s no secret that effective leadership is the cornerstone of any successful company, and as a leader in this ever-changing industry, you […]