June 13, 2018

Six Powerful Steps to Getting the Most From Your Membership

POWERFACT: Having the right tools and training will significantly increase your ability to DOUBLE your income every 12 months.

WOW! We’ve got SO MUCH to share! We’ve been making a lot of revisions to your membership platform to ensure that you have the best possible tools and training to take your career and life to the next level.

With so much change going on, we thought it would be awesome to share with you SIX Powerful Steps to make the most of your membership!

Step One: log in and head to your Classroom and start exploring! Everything you need is hanging out in your classroom and is organized into 16 category tabs. What do you want to learn? Negotiating? Prospecting? Listing Appointment Mastery? Playing with Buyers? Inside each of those tabs is a whole host of tools, training, and strategies to help you earn at your highest potential – and live your best life.

You’ll find…

  • Prospecting letters
  • Postcards
  • Newsletters
  • Objection handling tools (like articles about how the owner of used an agent to sell his home!)
  • Farming tools
  • Infographics
  • Social media tools
  • Flyers
  • Listing appointment tools
  • Training videos
  • Top agent strategies
  • Interviews with Top Agents
  • And so much more…

We’re all about helping people design lives worth smiling about, which is why you’ll find new, timely products and tools dropped into the Classroom every single month. We stay ahead of the market – so you don’t have to waste a minute reinventing any wheels!

Step two, create a dedicated Power Agent Download folder on your computer. That way you can save yourself from having to rummage through all your files to find your real estate specific content! (Been there, done that!) That way you can save things like these fun new furry-friend social media graphics that are in your What’s New tab!

Step three – Head over to the Coaching Calls tab in your classroom. You’ll find that we are now hosting WEEKLY coaching calls for Power Agents® ONLY. In that tab, you’ll find the login information and dates for our WEEKLY coaching calls. Go ahead and add those dates and credentials to your Google or Apple calendar (or whatever you use to keep track of your schedule) so that you never miss an opportunity for coaching. Got a problem during the week? Frustrated with something? Need help taking more listings? Hit with a tough objection? Bring all of that with you to our calls every Monday at Noon Eastern! I take questions live for an hour, we problem solve on the spot, and we have a lot of fun!

Step four – Go to the Webinars on Demand tab and review at least one per week for the next month. Each one is a rock-solid hour-plus of training. Right now, with the market making shifts – maybe start with the 12 Best Ways to Increase Your Listing Inventory in 30 Days, and the Master the Listing Appointment. We host a new webinar every month, so keep a watch out for those registration links.

Step five, I suggest you head over to the What’s New tab, so you can see what’s been added this month. I love new tools, don’t you? It feels like when we were kids and got new school supplies – it makes learning exciting!

Step six, join our special FaceBook Group just for Power Agents®. We purposefully don’t add agents to the group automatically…we don’t want to bug you on social media without your permission.

It is a cool group of agents though and we’d love for you to not only be part of it – but really participate. Ask questions. Post stuff. Like what you’re using and how it’s going. Like that insanely bad MLS photo you saw yesterday. Like what to say when that other agent is trying to steal your listing. Or how to overcome the fear of the phone. You know #RealtorLife stuff.

If you’ve already joined us – way cool! If not, and you want to, head over to the page POWER Agents of Real Estate and just click through to request access, and we’ll add you ASAP.

Lastly, have fun exploring and really using your membership platform. If you have questions, contact us at Thanks again for joining us. You’ll find this a great community of agents – all committed to realizing their Next Level® of success. My whole team is here to help.

Keep Smiling!


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