April 30, 2018

The 7 Things You Should Stop Doing: Listing Conversation Edition

POWERFACT: The more masterful you are at the listing conversation, the more confident you’ll be to prospect, the more listings you’ll land, and the more bottom-line growth you’ll enjoy.

Now some of these should be obvious, but nothing surprises us anymore – right? So, let’s dive in.

  1. Don’t come unprepared. Every agent I coach, one of the first questions I ask them is do you have a Listing Book? I’m shocked, really, at how many do not. Some have a folder with a few flyers in them. Some have a slicked-up PowerPoint – but no real differentiators in terms of why someone should list with you. What I tell them is that if you’re looking at a $10-$30,000 or more commission depending on your market and sales price, preparedness is not too much to expect.
  2. Dress for success. I’m amazed at how many agents show up for an appointment dressed like they just left the tennis court or got done mowing their lawn. Our profession often gets a bad rap in the “trust” department, and it is unprofessionalism that helps fuel that. If you’re eager to earn that 7% commission, dress like someone who’s worth it.
  3. Don’t ask to go to the bathroom. Seriously. If I had never seen this myself – repeatedly, I wouldn’t put it on here. Ever see those really silly signs on packaging that make you laugh because they SHOULD be common sense and not need a visual warning? That’s kind of how I feel about this warning. Pretend your mother is in your ear before leaving for the appointment saying, “Go before you leave the house!”
  4. Don’t sell – coach. As a professional coach to real estate agents — the first thing I want to know is what coaching partners are struggling with. What areas Want to reach your Next Level as an Agent? Serve, don't sell. Coach, not close. #PowerAgents Click To Tweetdo they need to strengthen? What solutions do they need to work smarter and more seamlessly? And – what are they committed to? What is their WHY? When I know that – mapping out how to help them gets a whole lot clearer. The same is true for an agent on a listing appointment. People don’t want to be SOLD. They want a trusted professional who can help them best make clear what they are COMMITTED to – then to map out the plan to get them there.
  5. Don’t be so tech-savvy that you lose the “human touch”.  I’m not too cool for old school — and you shouldn’t be either. I teach my coaching members to use a 3-ring binder with visual representations of everything they need to get the listing. Your credentials, your company’s credentials, real estate industry credentials. Your marketing plan. Testimonials. Oh – and even recruiting letters from other companies. This often-overlooked strategy is pure Power. Most agents throw those away. Keep them so that when a potential seller says, “Joe Smith, from XYZ company, said they’d list it for less commission,” you can say, “As you can see, XYZ company has tried to recruit me to be on their team. While I appreciate that, I believe that the company I currently work with is the best possible organization to support my ability to service clients just like you and get their properties sold for the most money in the shortest period of time.” See the Listing Conversation Checklist in your Checklists and Systems section of your Power Agent Classroom.
  6. Don’t trash talk other agents. I am often reminded of a lesson I learned from Floyd Wickman, early in my speaking career – “You don’t build the tallest building in town by knocking down others.” Knocking other agents says way more about you than it will ever about them. Do you. Show what you are made of. Deliver your best conversation for why you are the agent to hire. Let others do the same.
  7. Don’t talk so much! Some agents feel compelled to finish their ENTIRE “presentation” – even when sellers are giving every indication that they are ready to sign. Be in the moment friends. I love the saying, “You have one mouth and two ears in that proportion for a reason.” Listen and watch for the signs that your potential seller is ready to sign. Then – LET THEM. Thank them, and get to the business of servicing that listing.  I know it is tough sometimes to resist talking so much. I like to use the analogy with my coaching members that it would be like me fitting all 37 hours of material that I have into one three-hour workshop. You can’t do it effectively — and you shouldn’t. It’s too much information. My best advice? Pick the FIVE THINGS THAT YOU ARE MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT. Those things that you think are INVALUABLE to a seller. The five are different for everyone. But the ones that you really light up about — those are the things you share as the reason you’re the best person for the job.

Now, here is something that I think is REALLY  important for you to know: the market is changing. There are challenges ahead – so the time to strike — to stockpile listing inventory – is right now.

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