April 16, 2018

The Critical Impact of the Next 90 Days

POWERFACT:  Staying ahead of the market trends is what separates the top tier agents from those who won’t be able to survive a downturn.

Here’s my challenge to you – create a laser-clear focus on building listing inventory for the next 90 days. No slowing up. No slacking off. No missing an opportunity. Why[bctt tweet=”The market is showing indicators that there is a potential for another housing bubble, so the time to list, is right now. #MarketTrends” username=”darrylspeaks”]?

Recently, I hosted a webinar, as well as an event on Long Island where I covered this topic and shared 12 powerful ways you can build your listing inventory fast.

The goal? Choose your top FOUR of the prospecting lead sources below, then, prospect at LEAST four days per week for at LEAST an hour.

Here are the twelve:

  1. Call Current FSBOs: Use the Power Agent® Dialogues found in your classroom under Prospecting. You’ll also find letters and flyers you can use to reinforce your call and presentation.The Critical Impact of the Next 90 Days
  2. Call Current EXPIREDS. Same thing, use your dialogue tools. These folks already see the value in using an agent and almost always are more realistic about price the second time around.
  3. Call FSBOs & Expireds from 6 months ago. Most agents overlook this prospecting lead source. Often times they got close to listing or selling and fell out for some reason. Reach back out and see if they are ready to jump back into the market.
  4. Call Past Clients. Your SOI should be your best source of listings and referrals. They already know you, like you, and trust you. You should be contacting them ANYWAY. They should hear from you either by phone or in person at least twice a year. Make RIGHT NOW one of those times.
  5. Call Houses for Rent. Another overlooked lead source. For a lot of landlords, carrying a property that’s not renting quickly becomes a liability they can’t handle. See if they’re ready to sell.
  6. Cold Call Around New Competition Listing. Love this one. Once a listing goes up in a neighborhood, there’s almost ALWAYS another person ready to sell – and they almost ALWAYS go with another agent. Read all about this strategy in the eBook, The 12 Best Ideas to Generate Listing Leads in 30 Days, you can find it at the top of the Prospecting page in your classroom as well.
  7. SMILE STOPS with gifts. We love the good will and rapport (not to mention referrals) you can find when you stop by your favorite client’s homes with a surprise. We’ve put together 10 Great Smile Stop ideas for you! Have fun with them!
  8. Host Neighborhood Open House. These are perfect for generating CMA requests and feeling out the neighbors to see who might have an interest in selling. You’ll find tool ideas and dialogues for building rapport with these folks in the eBook as well.
  9. Call Vendors for Leads. Work your vendor list for listing leads. “I’m looking to build my business and to build relationships with certain vendors. Can I ask you, if I have anyone who could use your services, would you mind my sending them to you? By the way, do you know anyone who is interested in buying or selling a home?”
  10. Call “Orphans”. No not parentless children. By orphans I mean those buyers and sellers that worked with an agent from your company in the past and that agent has left the organization. Ask your manager if you can follow up on those folks and introduce yourself as the new contact for your company.
  11. Post a Real Estate Update Video. Work those community Facebook pages. There’s a gold mine there if you do it correctly. We just posted a great new piece 35 Facebook Live Ideas for Agents in your Prospecting tab as well.
  12. Call Old Friends. Get reacquainted with those long lost friends and let them know you’d like to get reconnected. Ask about what they’re up to and invariably, they’ll do the same. Let them know that a lot of people have questions about the market these days and if they do too – you’re happy to help.

For FSBOs, Expireds, and Renters – I highly recommend using The RedX. They can drop those leads right into your inbox and save you a LOT of time and aggravation trying to aggregate them yourself. I’ve negotiated a special rate for our coaching members that I’ll share with you here – because the next 90 days are THAT crucial. Go to and use promo code SMILE. It will waive the set-up fee and give you the first 30 days free.

Power Agents®, watch the 12 Best Ideas to Generate Listing Inventory in 30 Days Webinar on Demand in your Bonus Webinar section of the Classroom. It’s a little more than an hour and packed with tools and answers. You’ll also get a productivity tracker to help you stay focused.

If you’re not CURRENTLY a Power Agent, now’s the time to try us for free for the next 30 days. You’ll have all the tools, training, and coaching you need to get ahead of the potential housing bubble NOW. Your free trial gives you total access to every tool we have including dialogues, training tips, webinars on demand, eBooks, and marketing tools.

Now is NOT the time to reinvent the wheel. It’s the time to get laser-focused so that in 90 days, you’re in the position to handle whatever the market throws your way.

Ready? Set? Go!


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