October 19, 2017

Two Keys to Working with Buyers And Having More Fun

By Real Estate Speaker and Coach Darryl Davis

PowerFact: The more you try to sell a house, the more you un-sell it. The best way to sell a house is to open up the door.

I literally want agents to have more fun working with fewer buyers while making more sales. Listen, I WAS you. I remember what it was like to take buyers out, Two Keys to Working with Buyers And Having More Funand the frustration of showing them house after house and them not making a purchase, or (worse) purchasing from somebody else. I get you. It’s a sinking feeling. If you keep things in control, the whole aspect of working with buyers can drain your enthusiasm and get you down. I never want to see that happen. That’s why Power Agents® tell us that the Working with Buyers session is one of their favorites in The POWER Program®.

Two Keys to Working with Buyers

  1. Buyers can be a drain on your income … if you’re not careful. I have had the opportunity to talk to top producers throughout the country on a regular basis. And I’ve asked them what is the source of their income? The consensus? 75% of their income comes from listings sold and 25% from working with buyers. I want you to keep that 75/25 rule in mind. Take it to heart — 75% of your energy should be focused on building on your listing inventory, and 25% on working with buyers.
  2. Have the right attitude. What is most agents’ attitude when working with a buyer? That they have to make the sale, right? Let me tell you something. When you are working with buyers and your attitude is “I need to make a sale,” and you are showing them house after house, you are not going to be effective. Buyers can sense this attitude of desperation. Change it up — ASAP. Here’s the right attitude: “I don’t need a sale because I’ve got plenty of listings.”

When I was showing houses, I was most effective when my attitude shifted to, “Hey, I’ve got plenty of listings, so whether you buy or you don’t, it’s all right by me because I know my inventory will eventually sell.” When you have this attitude, you’re not trying to sell them and they pick up on this. Now, they are free to make their own decision to buy a house or not, versus feeling the pressure of being “sold.” This is another reason why top agents do so well. They have so much business, their career is not dependent on one buyer buying a house or not. I’m telling you, most of what we do in sales boils down to attitude. Think about this. Have you ever gone to a car dealership and tried to buy a car and you get THAT GUY? The one who is all high-pressure and in your face? What does it feel like? It is frustrating and awful, right? In today’s world, people don’t like to be sold anything. What they like to do is buy. There is a difference.

As we wind down the year, this is a great time to connect with buyers. To keep your skill level for that 25% of your income high. Keep your attitude in check, and your inventory rocking and it will help you to push your goals over the top before the beginning of the year.

I’d love to help you!  Sign up for a 30-day free trial of The Power Program®, and make sure you join us for our next Power Agent® call.  You’ll find the login credentials on our Home Page.  I promise you, you’ll not only get better RESULTS with both buyers AND sellers? But you definitely will have more fun while you’re at it. I’m all about designing a life worth smiling about. The Power Program and I can help you do just that!


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