Using Metaphors and Analogies to Connect With Your Sellers
July 17, 2021

Using Metaphors and Analogies to Connect With Your Sellers

Using metaphors and analogies can be a powerful way to connect with clients, especially when reviewing important decisions. 

I have often spoken of the importance of pricing a home properly to avoid the issues that could impact the sale of the home, but what do you do when a seller is absolutely adamant about the price he wants for the home? 

You use every metaphor and analogy you can think of to explain how it’s the housing market that dictates the price, not the seller. 

On a recent coaching call, one Power Agent® shared that she had done this, but her seller struggled with seeing the logic.

The Teacher Analogy 

The usual analogies aren’t hitting close to home, which means it’s time to find one that does. I often say this when we talk about metaphors and analogies: analogies should be tailored to the individual to be the most effective. In the case of this buyer, I asked what his profession was. It turns out he was a teacher, so I crafted this analogy on the spot. 

“Well, Mr. Seller, I’m sure that sometimes you try and give your students correction, so they can learn. Maybe it’s a math problem, or an English problem, perhaps it’s their spelling or grammar, but when you give them this correction, it’s because you care about your students, and you want them to be successful in life. You also know that if your student took that correction personally, like they thought you were calling them stupid, or they couldn’t learn, the student would shut down, right? But you aren’t making it personal, you are just trying to help them, and that is what I’m trying to do here, Mr. Seller. Don’t take this personally, I’m just trying to give you some correction here because I want you to have success.” 

The seller, by this point, may already have his guard up at all times with the expectation that the price will come up, but by using the analogy to help lower his guard, he should start listening to your expertise.  

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When sitting down with the client, you can reiterate some of the other analogies, like the car analogy or the stock analogy.  

“If you are trying to buy a car and the owner is asking $30,000, but you check the Kelley Blue Book and you know it’s only worth $20,000, you wouldn’t be paying $30,000 because it’s just not worth that much. It’s worth as much as it’s worth, no matter what amount of money the owner wants, and that’s just reality. The same goes for homes, and that’s why homeowners hire agents. This is my job, because the truth is, homeowners have a sentimental attachment to their home, and a home’s price needs to be based in fact. I’m here to coach you so you can successfully sell your home, so you can either listen to your coach, or you can be like your students who don’t listen to you. They will get a particular result, but it might not be the result they want.” 

Mastering the Use of Analogies 

It takes time and practice to come up with analogies on the spot, but if you can use the homeowner’s profession and pull something from their world into what you are trying to communicate to them, they will understand and relate much better. You are comparing something they already know to be true and applying it to this scenario.  

When you really focus on metaphors and analogies, you get stronger at making them up on the spot. The greatest part of using these is that it’s not a memorized script. You are speaking from the heart, and the homeowners will recognize this, and appreciate it. 

TIP: Psychology Today has this excellent article on “Why Metaphors Are Important.” 

What’s Next? 

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