October 31, 2022

What a Week for Real Estate Wins!

What a GREAT week of wins for our coaching members! And we NEVER fail to take the opportunity to celebrate with them!

Real estate coach and speaker Darryl Davis starts our weekly coaching calls off with a “WIN PARTY”, where POWER AGENTS® share their real estate wins from the previous week and how our coaching program is helping them achieve success in this business.

It’s incredible how many wins we celebrated this week! Check them out:

  1. 14 New Listings
  2. 7 Closings
  3. 4 New Contracts
  4. 4 Got New Leads
  5. 3 Listings Sold
  6. 3 Got Referrals 2 Registered for the Next Level Event
  7. SMILE STOP™: Passed Out 6 Potted Mums and Got 4 Leads in Return, Taking 2 of them Out to Look at Homes
  8. Got $10k of Escrow Money for a Past Client
  9. Picked Up the Phone and Called People
  10. Completed Most of their MEA Task List
  11. Got Photos taken for a Coming Soon Listing
  12. Gained Two Listings from Mailing to their Farm
  13. Followed Up with All Old and New Leads
  14. Resolved Issues on a Difficult Deal
  15. Held Fast on their Buyer’s Inspection Requests
  16. Got a Listing Appointment by Reconnecting Online with Someone in their Sphere of Influence
  17. Got a Compliment on their Work Ethic from their Seller
  18. Had their First Closing since Launching their Real Estate Brokerage Last Month
  19. Held a Buyer Consultation and Answered All of their Questions
  20. Got a Contract Pending after Negotiating an Amendment to Address Concerns
  21. Kept a Complex Transaction Together
  22. Picked Up New Leads from Circle Calling and Wearing their Name Badge to their Doctor’s Office
  23. Made it to Hawaii to Celebrate their Mother’s 90th Birthday
  24. Went Above and Beyond for Three Clients who Acknowledged and Appreciated It
  25. Started Hitting Open Houses Again
  26. Took Three Past Buyer Client Couples Out to Dinner
  27. Sent Out Just Sold Postcards
  28. Got an Offer Accepted
  29. Connected with 20+ Past Clients
  30. Sent Out a Mailing to All their Communities
  31. Made a Video
  32. Got a $2M Five-Unit Listing and a Client who wants to Buy Another Building
  33. Reconnected with a Former Dentist who Referred Clients 20 Years Ago
  34. Got a Listing from an Open House
  35. Made Bronze Level of NJAR
  36. Got Two Listings Using RPR CMAs
  37. Scheduled Three Neighborhood Appointments from a Sunday Open House
  38. Doing a Mini Pie SMILE STOP™
  39. Reworked their Business Plan
  40. Started Writing a New Offer
  41. Sent Out Fifteen Unsolicited CMAs
  42. Attended an Office Meeting
  43. Got a 1031 Buyer Looking for a $1M Property
  44. Got Contacted by Two Past Clients to List their Property
  45. Scheduled a Trunk or Treat for October 30th
  46. Acquired a New Designation
  47. Held a MEGA Open House at their New Listing
  48. Started Showing More Homes and Working on their New Business Plan
  49. Fired their ”Marketing Guru” who Failed to Produce Results after Ten Months
  50. Held a First-Time Homebuyers Seminar and Gained a New Client
  51. Followed Up with Contacts in their Phone
  52. Followed Up with a Past Client and Got a Listing from Them
  53. Converted a Leasing Client into a Buying Client
  54. Got Three Leads from Calling Around a Recently Sold Property
  55. Started a Farming Plan
  56. Sent Out their First Mailing with Another Mailing Planned in Two Weeks
  57. Got Some Great Exposure at a Successful Trunk or Treat
  58. Booked a Flight for the Next Level® Event in January

We LOVE celebrating these wins each week and LOVE seeing the changes these weekly real estate coaching calls make in our members’ lives!

See why celebrating small wins PAYS BIG!

Ready to share YOUR real estate wins for the week?

POWER AGENTS® – Be sure to join us on the next Coaching Call to share those triumphs and cheer the weekly WINS of your fellow POWER AGENTS®! 
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