June 8, 2020

Why Staying Focused Now Is Vital for The Future

Powerfact: Your focus determines your future

By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Darryl Davis, CSP

I was asked this question on a recent coaching call, “Has there ever been a more challenging time economically to generate sales?” Let me tell you something: there has never, ever been a more complicated time in all of history to do business and generate sales. In fact, never in all of history has there been any situation like this.

Challenging Times

Yes, there was the Black Plague, but it wasn’t the same as this pandemic. We had no internet to continue working virtually, and we didn’t have the politicians in power that we have now — it was a different situation in a lot of ways. We also didn’t have the combination of pandemic plus widespread social uprising and global cries for change.

As many of you know, I follow the stock market and investments.  Not long ago, Warren Buffet, was quoted the Business Insider News. He said that in his entire life, he has never seen an economy or a market like this one.

This man is one of the wealthiest men in the world — he knows all about money. He knows how to look at companies, and how to look at cash flow and finances…this is a man that knows this business like the back of his hand. Even he is shocked and doesn’t understand this new reality that we are finding ourselves in.

Friends, here’s what I know — we are writing the new playbook on how to do real estate in this new reality. That is a truly profound thing to be a part of!

We Evolve and We Adapt

I want you to see that based on what you do or don’t do, you are helping new and future real estate agents understand the wide spectrum of ways in which they can run their business. Pandemic or no pandemic, this industry has changed, and future agents are going to use what we are creating RIGHT NOW to run their business. This is a huge responsibility, and an incredible opportunity to step out of norms, step out of old belief systems, take on the learning curves and re-imagine what being a real estate professional will look like as we move forward.

For example, those people who were in World War Two — how they dealt with the war impacted all the generations that followed. It’s a similar situation now.  What we do here is going to impact agents, and the real estate industry in the future. We should feel a sense of awe and have a lot of pride in the what we are accomplishing right now. We were dealt a strange hand out of an even stranger deck of cards, and we are creating a new way of playing the real estate game. We may even be inventing a whole new game within the real estate industry as we recreate the way it’s done!

If you are here now, you should be proud. You didn’t give up and you are still standing, still doing business. It doesn’t look anything like it used you, but you should be proud that you are still focused and still here. Some agents quit real estate because they didn’t know what to do and they couldn’t handle the stress of trying to navigate through this reality.

So, stay focused, friends. Go through your day with intention and stay mindful of what you are doing in your business. We are rebuilding the industry in this new real estate reality, and that is an incredible thing to be a part of!

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