January 13, 2023

2023: THE Year of Must-Have Real Estate SKILLS 

Take a long, hard look at your real estate skills right now and ask yourself if you’ve got what it takes for 2023.  

What do you see? Because if you don’t have fresh, vital, MASTERFUL skills to navigate everything the market IS throwing and about to throw your way, it’s going to be a rough year 

We’re not saying that to scare you. We’re saying that because it’s a reality. A new real estate reality. In the last few years, a lot of agents have allowed their real estate skills to atrophy.  Especially listing skills. They just didn’t need them as much in a market where sellers were fielding multiple offers and, in some areas, getting $100k over the asking price, and everyone wanted to cash in. 

This year though – needs to be the year, your year, of SKILL. Not a “few” skills. Not mediocre skills. Not old skills. To thrive (and, for some agents, even survive) in 2023, you’re going to need to pull out the stops to differentiate yourself from the competition and grow your base of business.   

That means… 

  • Prospecting skills 
  • Pricing skills 
  • Negotiating skills 
  • Listing skills 
  • Communication skills 
  • Selling skills 

Yeah. That’s a lot of skills.  

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So, how are you going to differentiate in a world where most agents have the same tools? They got open houses, websites, direct mail, and lock boxes, right? Some have postcards or flyers. Heck, some even have a CRM! HOW do YOU stand out?  

You may have guessed it. SKILLS.

next level 2023 real estate conference and event skills

Let’s use an analogy to help this sink in. Think of yourself as a chef in a high-end restaurant. All the other chefs have the same tools you do, right? They have pots and pans and knives and ingredients. But what makes a MASTER chef versus a line cook?  

It’s what they DO with those tools. How SKILLED they are at using those pots, pans, knives, and preparing those ingredients. THAT’S how they set themselves apart. THAT’S why people flock to eat at their restaurants. THAT’S what earns them the title of Master or Executive Chef – AND the higher income.  

Think of yourself like a chef – a real estate chef. You can’t afford to be “line-cook” quality this year. “Line-cook quality” could put you out of business. You have to lean in and become a MASTER. That means you have to learn and adopt the SKILLS required to be that.  

You have to know how to call FSBOs and Expireds. How to reconnect with and, more importantly, grow your sphere. How to build a farm. How to effectively market and promote yourself digitally and directly. How to prospect with purpose and consistency. How to price effectively. How to negotiate with confidence. How to help sellers get over how the market WAS and understand what the market IS. How to have a listing conversation (presentation) that communicates your VALUE so much that the homeowner says, “Yes! Where do I sign?” How to build a referral base. How to even get out of your own head or out of your own way so you have the focus, determination, and commitment to do what it takes, ALL that it will take to not just survive but THRIVE in a year filled with remarkable change.  

THAT’S what The NEXT LEVEL Real Estate Event 2023 is about. That’s why you should attend. 

SKILLS. Master skills. Game-changing skills. The kind that will not only help you create financial breakthroughs THIS year but for your whole career.  

We’re bringing those skills. All of them. In the four areas you will need them the most. Every single one that you will need to break through ceilings and build your business in 2023 and beyond. PLUS – tools, techniques, partnerships, referral friends, and more…  

Here’s how YOU can tap into them.  

If you’re ready to walk away with MASTER SKILLS and a true real estate roadmap for success regardless of where you are in the growth of your business – we’re ready to put it into YOUR hands and kick start your NEXT LEVEL. 

Next Level Real Estate Conference 2023

Register today while seats last! 





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