November 27, 2017

4 Key Reasons Why Listings Are So Important

It’s All About Focus 

By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Darryl Davis

You know, the bottom line is I want you to succeed in this business. Sooner. Rather than later. I’ve seen agents struggle. I’ve seen agents soar. Trust me when I tell you, it’s a whole lot more fun watching people thrive. That’s why when I’m in front of an audience or teaching a workshop, one of my main objectives is to get this POWERFACT through to agents…4 Key Reasons Why Listings Are So Important

You can be good at many things, but if you can’t effectively communicate with the seller, real estate is always going to be frustrating work. 

And life is full of enough frustration, don’t you think? Let’s do this instead – let’s get you focused, skilled, and a master of getting the listing – so your life can be something to really smile about. Sound good?

Here are the top four reasons listings (and listing INVENTORY) are the name of the game:

You’ll make more money in less time. Any real estate speaker will tell you that most top producing agents get 75% of their income from listings sold and 25% from buyers. That’s the reason you should spend 75% of your energy building your inventory, and 25% of it with buyers.
You’ll have less stress and more fun when you focus on building your listing inventory. It’s stressful to take a buyer out and show them house after house after house, then hear them turn around in two months and say, “You know what? We changed our minds. We’re not going to buy.” But when you go on listing appointments, even if you don’t get all the listings, you feel a sense of accomplishment because you know you’re a step closer to getting one.

With listings, you are in control of your career. He or she who holds the listings is in control of the marketplace.

If you have listings, you’re immune to outside conditions. You’re not a victim of the economy, whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market, etc. If you’ve got a large inventory of listings, you’re going to make a sale. Period. I once had one of my students left a listing presentation and was hit by a truck. He went to the hospital and wound up in a coma. True story. I got the bad news from the manager of that office, and when my student got out of the coma, I called to see how he was doing. When we spoke, I asked him “how’s your listing inventory?” He started to laugh. He knew though that I was asking because he was laid up in the hospital with no income coming in except for what might get generated from his current listings.

Listen, I don’t want anyone worrying too much about getting hit by a bus, but what I DO want you FOCUSED ON is building an inventory that works for you – whether something happens that takes you away from your work – or whether you CHOOSE to take some downtime and you know your business is working even when you’re sitting on a beach somewhere or climbing a mountain. Notice I said FOCUSED on – not worrying. Worry is a waste of your time and energy. Use those to instead build a smart real estate business around a solid inventory and you’ll have a whole lot more fun along the way.

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