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August 25, 2023

Anchoring Your Well-Being: Navigation Tools for Resilient Real Estate Professionals

Resilience is a must in this day and age, particularly in our business. Let’s look at how anchoring in self-care can help build your business.

Our industry can sometimes feel more “turbulent sea” than a serene lake. It made us think about how mariners rely on anchor points to weather storms and guide their course and how we can potentially do the same. This principle of anchoring yourself before navigating offers important insights for today’s agents striving to excel in the face of what can feel like a stormy market.  

The Anchoring Metaphor: A New Lens for Self-Care   

Let’s draw inspiration from the maritime world: the anchor. We know that an anchor is used to prevent a vessel from drifting off, and also used in bad weather to prevent the ship from being blown off course or into too shallow water. 

How can we translate that into our careers and health and create anchors for our well-being and stability?  

Remarkable Resilience: The Significance of Self-Care 

Cambridge Dictionary defines resilience as: “the ability to be happy, successful, etc., again after something difficult or bad has happened” or “the ability of a substance to return to its usual shape after being bent, stretched, or pressed.” Essentially, it’s your ability to bounce back and keep going, no matter what happens.  

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It’s easier said than done, but that’s just the thing…it is doable, even when you have doubts. “But how?” We have a few ideas!  

  1. Staying Steady in Turbulent Tides: Just as ships anchor to withstand rough waters, being anchored in self-care gives you the ability to navigate market volatility with security and grace. It helps you be agile when it comes to changing the way you conduct business to adapt to the shifting industry. Getting the sleep you need, eating healthy, and regularly exercising helps keep you healthy, strong, and clear-minded so you can make thoughtful decisions in a changing market. It also gives you the resilience to keep in touch with past and potential clients and the energy to serve them in whatever capacity they need.
  1. Nurturing Client Trust: Buyers and sellers seek agents who exude confidence and trustworthiness. Agents who prioritize their own well-being radiate these qualities, reassuring clients that they’re in capable hands, no matter the market’s twists and turns. The mental benefits of self-care are far bigger than they seem to get credit for, and when you are feeling good, the best version of yourself shows up to build rapport and create a strong, trusting relationship with clients.
  1. Weathering Emotional Storms: The emotional roller coaster of real estate can be draining. Anchored agents possess emotional stability, allowing them to weather the highs and lows of deals while maintaining their composure. Quality self-care is proven to better mental health, including enhanced self-esteem and self-worth, increased optimism, a positive outlook on life, and lower levels of anxiety and depression. That positivity is the compass that guides you through any storm with the energy to keep going.

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Charting a Course of Self-Care: Practical Steps   

Now that you understand the “why”, let’s talk about the “how.” These tips are meant to be built into your schedule, and if you really want to be at your best, think of these as non-negotiables in your schedule. Physically blocking off the time (and setting reminders if needed) will help you turn these into habits. 

  1. Daily Wellness Routine: Start your day with a wellness ritual. Whether it’s a morning meditation, a leisurely walk, or a nourishing breakfast, this routine grounds you for the challenges ahead. Whatever you choose, make it something that feeds your soul too.
  1. Scheduled Docking Times: Just as ships need to dock for maintenance, carve out designated times for self-care. Remember what we just said about making those blocks of time non-negotiable? It’s important that you commit as much to taking care of yourself as you commit to being successful in your business.
  1. Captain of Learning: Regularly update your knowledge. Attend workshops, follow industry news, and engage in discussions to ensure you’re navigating with up-to-date insights. Human brains need continual learning and mental stimulation to function at their best.
  1. Reflective Logbook: Maintain a journal where you document your professional and personal growth. This practice helps you recognize your achievements and strengths, fortifying your confidence. Have old journals from years ago? Spend some time reading them, and celebrating the progress you have made already!
  1. Navigational Allies: Collaborate with fellow agents to create a supportive network. Share strategies, challenges, and successes, creating a sense of camaraderie in the industry’s often solitary waters. Talk to your team members and leaders about self-care initiatives that you can bring into the office so that you can help create a positive and self-care-minded company culture so everyone benefits.

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Just as ships rely on anchors for stability and control, real estate professionals like you who prioritize self-care can establish their own anchor points of resilience. You can fortify your ability to steer through market fluctuations, nurture client relationships, and endure emotional storms by creating habits and a pattern of self-care, not just for yourself, but to benefit everyone. In the vast expanse of the real estate sea, anchoring your well-being becomes not just a choice, but a strategic imperative for navigating towards success. 

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