Clear Away the Negativity
December 18, 2021

Clear Away the Negativity

Start each week with a clean slate by clearing out the negative emotions from the week before. 

A long time ago when we first created the Power Program®, I had a friend named Stu who would come in to help us create and build up our website. He was with us for quite some time as we got the Power Program® going.  

The first thing every we did every Monday morning, was to have what we called a “Clearing Meeting” where we sat at the table and dictate all the things we were upset about or annoyed with from the week before. If things didn’t go the way we hoped, or there were things bothering us, we could unload it at those Monday meetings and the other person would write it down on a list. When I was done, he would unload all the things that he was unhappy about and I would write them down. 

When we were completely finished, we would take those lists, crumple up the papers and throw them in the trash, and say, “Great, so what are you committed to this week?” We would then write down everything that the other person was going to accomplish for the week, and it was really productive. 

We called them Clearing Meetings because it gave us the opportunity to let go of our past — our concerns, our irritations, the things that were stressing us out — to move on and live from the future, and decide what we were going to create in our businesses for the week.  

TIP: This parable explains why it’s so important to let things go: “The Donkey, Tiger, and Lion Lesson” 

Starting Your Mondays Off Right 

I encourage everyone to find a way to start your week off like this too. Whether you have another agent in your office who you can sit down with, or even on your own, being able to clear last week’s “gunk” from your mindset and shift into a fresh commitment to new and great things this week is how we start the week off right.  

TIP: Check out this great “10-Step Checklist To Start Your Week Right” by Time Management Ninja. 

For our Power Agents®, our Monday morning coaching calls are like this. It’s a time for you to clear out your questions and challenges from last week and commit to new things this week.  

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What’s Next? 

Are you ready to start taking things to the Next Level®? If you don’t already know what you need to do to get to your next level, we can help!  

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