February 14, 2018

Face-to-Face Presentation | Conversations

POWERFACT: When you’ve been authentic and clear with sellers, and your true goal is to help them move to the next level, getting the signature is just a formality.

I believe that listing “presentations” should be really called REAL Conversations. The four parts would include:

  • R – Rapport
  • E – Engage
  • A – Advise
  • L – List and Leave

Below, please find four empowering training videos which will help you master the Face-to-Face Conversation!

Part One: (R) Rapport Building

Part Two: (E) Engage

Part Three:  (A) Advise

Part Four: (L) List and Leave Now  

If you’ve done all four effectively– getting the listing is just a natural progression of the process.

Power Agents, you’ll find many of the tools and strategies I mention in the Listing Appointment tab in your Classroom including the ebook below.

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Ready? Set? Go!


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