October 24, 2017

Getting a Handle on Objections

Two Rules You Should Know About Objections

By Real Estate Speaker and Coach Darryl Davis

Stop me if you’ve heard this one, “I have a friend in the business.” Or, “We want to talk to at least three brokers.” Or, (one of my personal favorites), “We can always come down in price LATER.”  Been there. Here’s the thing – most of the time when we lose a listing because of an objection or stall, it’s because we weren’t prepared enough for it. In my book, you’ve got to be ready for whatever comes your way – and that takes two things:  technique and PRACTICE.Getting a Handle on Objections

I like teaching specific techniques that are time-tested and work incredibly well. I know they work, not only because I used them myself, but because agents who have purchased my Objection Handling Arsenal audios have told me that my techniques helped them to increase their income without working harder because they are able to lose fewer listings!

We’ll get into some specifics in future blogs, but what I want you to focus on in this article is understanding these two things:

  1. Don’t take objections personally. Why would you take it personally? Because they’re talking to you, right? But that argument really doesn’t hold water. Look at this way — you’ve only known these people for what, two hours? It’s not about you personally — no matter what they say. Usually, when they’re throwing an objection at you, they’re really throwing one at the entire real estate industry. So take the hurt feelings out of it.
  2. Effectively handling objections is simply changing people’s perceptions. I teach agents in my Power Program, live events, and products how their vision and their prospect’s vision of “what’s possible” are what create reality. When you receive an objection, that’s coming from the seller’s box of what’s “Not Possible.” Remember that outside of this box are all the “Possibilities.” When they throw out an objection like, “We have a friend in the business,” or “We want to try it on our own,” or “We’ll give it to you for a lesser commission,” (Yadah, yadah, yadah, and so on), that’s all coming from the “Not Possible” box. Keep focusing on what they’re committed to. If you keep bringing them back to what they’re committed to and you handle their concern or objection based on what they’re committed to, you’ll get the listing.

That said, remembering these two key rules to live by will help you change YOUR perception from what’s impossible to what’s possible. Sometimes we get in our own way—right? I hope that helps. It’s a little food for thought for you.

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