getting to the real estate decision
October 7, 2019

Helping Real Estate Clients Get to the Decision

Part of being a great agent is learning to be a great counsel or coach to clients.

On a few recent coaching calls we’ve been asked about helping buyers and sellers get off the fence in terms of making decisions. There’s an old saying in training, “Fear of loss is a greater motivator than an opportunity to gain.” What I like to say is that if you want someone to take action — tell them about the benefits of taking action. If you want them to take action NOW, tell them what they stand to lose by not taking that action sooner rather than later.

We recently did a webinar about how to effectively work with buyers where I shared two tools that we created for buyers that reiterates the value of working with a buyer and how conversely, if you’re not working on their behalf with a signed agreement — your responsibility as an agent is with the seller and what that means.

Let me explain in the video below…

I wanted to share these  with you in case you had any “fence-sitters” that need a little coaching as well!

Click on the graphic above to get a copy of the What I CAN NOT Do For You Piece! 

Power Agents, you’ll find both pieces in your Playing with Buyers tab in the Classroom!

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