The Fastest Way Out of a Real Estate Slump
February 21, 2022

The Fastest Way Out of a Real Estate Slump 

Getting out of a slump in your business, or personal life can feel like a monumental task, especially as a real estate agent. Let’s look at how to get out of one. 

Doldrums. Slump. Rut. It goes by many different names, but they all mean the same thing — a lack of motivation and drive to keep doing the tasks we need to do to reach our Next Level®. How do you climb out of that feeling when it sometimes seems insurmountable? 

Tap Into the Universe 

My suggestion here may not work for everyone, and I’m going to use it in the broadest terms to be as inclusive as possible for those of you that practice or have a faith that you believe in. Whether it’s a Higher Power, God, the Universe, or whatever you choose to call it- have a conversation with it. Pray. Spend some time meditating.  

Spending some time engaging with your Higher Power helps you get through whatever slump you are in faster because, in our finite minds, we can only really comprehend the natural world. By believing in a Higher Power, which is a supernatural entity, there is this sense that we aren’t alone in our “Slumpness”, and that helps bring the power to change outside of ourselves and spend less time in the dark place that we are stuck in.  

TIP: Every person has their own idea of a Higher Power, and this article by Sober Nation talks about how to tap into this greater awareness. “Finding a Higher Power – 5 Ways To Increase Your Spiritual Awareness 

Get Focused 

Look at your life and figure out a time, place, or thing that you were extraordinary in. That you felt your best. A time when you felt extraordinary, like winning an award or performing onstage. There is a powerful feeling there, and you might be surprised to learn that it isn’t about you, it’s about something powerful outside of yourself. That’s the feeling you want to tap into – being extraordinary. 

That is how you turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs with time management and effectiveness, and get the energy to operate even with only a few hours of sleep. When you really start tapping into something outside of yourself, that is when you can start creating miracles in your life and in your real estate career. 

Start by getting really clear about what your purpose is outside of real estate, and what you are committed to, whether it’s with your family, or even in the business with buyers and sellers. You are there to serve them and are committed to helping them. Real estate is merely the profession, it is the tool that you use to do that. 

Doing these things will put you back on the path, and even if it doesn’t happen immediately, you will find that you are becoming re-energized, recommitted, and motivated again.  

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Motion Impacts Emotion 

There is a phrase that I really like, which has proven itself true many times: “Motion impacts emotion.” Action takes precedence over feelings. This happens in a number of ways. When you are feeling emotional, take action. When you are in a slump and NOT feeling motivated, take action.  

I keep a stationary bike in my office, and I haven’t used it in a while, but I did this morning and not because I had some plan to lose weight or get more exercise, but just because I felt like it. I’ll tell you this, I felt a lot better after riding it for a bit, and I’ll probably do it again tomorrow because that motion impacted my emotion. I was more motivated, and my blood was pumping a little more, and it made me more productive. 

TIP: This article by Psychology Today delves into the concept of how Action Creates Emotion.

What’s Next? 

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