January 7, 2018

How to Create a Vision Board for Real Estate Agents

POWERFACT:  Life gets really exciting when you start to see your dreams fall into place.

A Fun Tool to Help Design a Life Worth Smiling About

By Real Estate Coach and Motivational Speaker Darryl Davis

There’s something magical about vision boards that don’t have anything to do with magic – and everything to do with how you set your intentions and manage your mindsets. Creating a visual reminder of the things that you are passionate about, the goals you’ve set, and the life you are eager to design can help you kick-start some powerful momentum about those things.

Step One:  Determine your intention and set your goals. What is it that you really want to get out of this year? Take some quiet time to yourself to reflect what really makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning!

Step Two:  Gather your materials. We’ve got a downloadable Dot Board/Vision Board template you can download here. (See below for an example.) Or you can choose another medium for your board. Some choose poster board, some a cork board, other canvas, some like to create it digitally. Whatever works for you. Once you’ve chosen what you’ll put your vision board on, start gathering images that help you SEE the goals you want to hit.

Step Three: Get creative. Have some fun with it. Cut out pictures of your goals, or words that resonate with you and arrange them in a way that inspires you! Then glue, staple, pin to your board or add to your digital copy. (If you are creating a digital file, we recommend you create a jpg of it and use as your screensaver and phone lock screen as well so that you can take it with you. Even if you’re creating a physical board – take a picture so that you have it with you on the go!

Step Four: Put your board where you can see it daily. Even if you’re not really studying it – just the action of glancing at it every day helps you move the needle towards your goal. It’s a great way to set your pace for every day. Before you hit the phones – or the streets – or the office – creating a focus on those goals is a great way to start each day on the right foot. When you feel yourself slipping into negative thoughts or fears – bring yourself right back by looking at the picture of your vision board.

Listen, our minds are pretty amazing things. When we feed it good stuff – it fuels our lives with good stuff in return. Sales can be a tricky business sometimes. There are ups and downs like in almost any career. Here’s the key though—when you take ACTION both in your business activity and in sticking to the right mindset, the downs are fewer and the ups go way up.

Wishing you a tremendous year and hope this fun vision board exercise helps you to create the FOCUS you need to make this your best year EVER. Need help or have questions? Contact our office today to learn more. We’re here to make your lives easier, and your business more successful. That’s part of what makes OUR lives worth SMILING about.

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