How To Make a Big Impression in A Small Amount of Time
December 29, 2022

How To Make a Big Impression in A Small Amount of Time  

What to do if you only get 30 minutes to communicate your value to a homeowner who’s interviewing a ton of agents?

Usually, real estate agents get all the time they need to conduct their listing appointments and build rapport, but not always. So what happens when you don’t? How can you build rapport with a homeowner to differentiate yourself from your competition?

Don’t Panic 

It would be best to accept that if this homeowner has scheduled agent interviews back-to-back, you probably aren’t going to get into your timeslot on time. Don’t panic, be gracious, and wait patiently for the agent before you to finish.  

Don’t Rush 

Don’t be pressured into cutting your 30 minutes short to be done on time. Since you were patient and gave the agent before you the time they needed to finish, you will ask the same. Yes, it will mean the agent after you will need to wait, but that isn’t your sacrifice to make, so take your 30 minutes as allotted.  


Do Your Homework 

Going into the appointment prepared means you will spend less time flipping through papers, and more time looking like you know your stuff! You want to know as much about that property as possible, but more importantly, you want to talk to the homeowner like a human being. Rather than try and treat these 30 minutes like the listing appointment and rush through it, spend that time talking to the homeowner and trying to set up another time for an actual listing conversation.  

“There’s good, better, and best in real estate, and for you to really be able to make an educated and informed decision, I don’t think you should rush it, and I don’t think you should shop based on commission, or the price an agent tells you they can get for your home. I think you should spend your time wisely in doing your job interviews.” 

TIP: This article by Harley Therapy explains the importance of connecting with other people: “Connecting With People – What It Is and Isn’t, And Why You Might Find It Hard 

Use Metaphors and Analogies 

Ask the homeowner what they do for a living during your interview, because the secret to real estate success is using metaphors and analogies, especially when you relate the scenario to the person’s job.  

As an example, let’s say this homeowner works at a factory.  

“Mr. Hunna Hunna, let’s pretend you got a promotion at your factory, and now you’re going to have people working under you making widgets, so now you need to put an ad out there to try and hire the best employees to help you and your team. Now, these new employees are going to reflect on you, and you are either going to look like a great boss, or a terrible boss. Would you rush those interviews? Would you tell people to come in and in 10 minutes or less, explain why you should hire them? There is a good chance you’re going to hire the wrong person, because you didn’t give enough time and attention to the interviewing process. It’s the same thing here with interviewing real estate agents, it’s not something that should be rushed. You need to make sure you have the time you need to make an educated decision, and quite honestly, 30 minutes isn’t enough time to really convey what I can do for you to help you sell your home and reach your Next Level® in life.” 

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BombBomb Videos 

Even before the appointment, using a BombBomb video could help convey a lot of the initial information, just to introduce herself as a brief “Hi, I’m excited to meet you!” You can use this video as a teaser to cover some of the things you want to talk about, and it will help them get a sense of who you are, as well as get them excited about meeting you too. It will help make you a little more familiar than the other agents. 

“Here’s what I want to convey in our short time together, so hopefully we’ll be able to cover all these things. I’m excited to be given this opportunity, and here’s some things that I do that other agents don’t do, which makes them great reasons to hire me.” 

This little teaser video can give you a leg up on the competition before you even get there! 

What’s Next? 

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