How To Motivate a Seller to List Their Home in an Unpredictable Market
April 2, 2022

How To Motivate a Seller to List Their Home in an Unpredictable Market

It’s an agent’s job to help sellers make good financial decisions when market changes are making them feel uneasy.

No one ever said that selling a home was an easy task, but in a real estate market that seems to be changing by the minute, it can be downright daunting. How do you explain to homeowners that the market is more stable than they think, and waiting to sell will cost them?

First, Understand Why The Seller Is Hesitant 

Our primary job as real estate professionals is to listen to and understand the goals, commitments, and worries of our clients. Asking questions to get to the heart of their reluctance will let you help them in the best way, whether it’s through reassurance, or something more tangible.  

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In today’s market, sellers are most hesitant because of the prospect of not finding their next home due to low inventory. That’s legitimate. In fact, for the first time in our coaching history, we are advising agents to help their sellers find their next home first.  

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You Can’t Force People To Sell If They Really Don’t Want To 

If your homeowners are really adamant about not selling right now, that’s their decision. It isn’t your job to convince them, but to educate and coach them on what all their options are. This is where you would talk about the timing of selling now versus waiting. 

You can go to the MLS and show them their local area, what is happening in their market, and even right in their own neighborhood. You can compare sales prices this year with last year, and show them the amount that property values have gone up. You can show them how low the interest rates are right now but are estimated not to stay that way, and explain what that will mean for them, not only to get a high sales price but also to lock in a low rate on their new home.  

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We know that interest rates are going up in the near future, which will make living life more expensive in general. There is a lot of apprehension in the world, but we don’t have a crystal ball that can show us what’s going to happen in the future, and even the best and brightest minds in the real estate industry can’t predict what’s coming. We can only make the best decisions for ourselves based on what we know today.  

“What we do know today is that at the top of the market, you will get the most value for your house. Based on what’s been happening the last few years, and the trend we are seeing right now, what might happen over the next several weeks or months could go against you, maybe it won’t, but we can’t start stressing about what may or may not happen, we can only make a decision based on today, and today, you’ll make a good profit on this property. Anything past today is not a guarantee for you.”

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We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, only rely on trends and make predictions. With the right tools, a listening ear, and a little bit of charm and persuasion, we can reassure homeowners they are in good hands.  After all, the most important thing we can do is to listen to what the seller has to say and form a relationship of trust. When they see you’re on their side, they will be more likely to choose you as their real estate agent 

What’s Next? 

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