June 17, 2019

Price Those Listings Right!

POWERFACT:  Step one in getting your listing sold quickly and with fewer headaches — PRICE IT RIGHT!

Our market will always be in a state of change. On recent coaching calls, we’ve had agents struggling to get any traction on stalled listings. In case you missed it, here are 8 great ways to jumpstart a listing. More often than not, a listing that isn’t seeing any activity is overpriced. Period. In this quick training video, I’ll share why it’s vital to not price the property to be competitive in the market today — but actually to look ahead and know where the market is headed and price it accordingly. It’s a little like knowing where the ball is going to go in soccer and meeting it there rather than chasing it all over the field. Watch this:

Power Agents, head over the Listing Appointment Tab to download your copy of this handy flyer, plus a sample Listing Conversation book which uses metaphors, analogies, and stories to convey what you need homeowners to know about listing their home in a competitive market.

To help you best understand how to use these visuals and your book, I invite you to watch the Master the Listing Appointment webinar on demand here and download the slides as well.

Creating a visually powerful listing conversation book will help you communicate more effectively and keep your potentials engaged on a new level.

Now – go out there and SERVE, be a resource for consumers, and build those relationships.  You’ve got this! We’re here for you every step of the way!

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