February 5, 2018

The Face-to-Face Presentation Part Three

POWERFACT: Agents who are more committed to being a trusted advocate, advisor, and resource for buyers and sellers will close more deals and create more customers for life than those who are just in it for the paycheck.

This week, it’s time to share with you the third part of the four-part REAL face-to-face presentation. We’ve covered R (Rapport), E (Engage), and now we’re on A for Advise.

Once you’ve built rapport and you’ve got some friendly engagement occurring, it’s time to begin to advise your sellers on the next steps necessary to get their home sold. I will give you two pieces of advice here — are you ready? First — know when to STOP talking. I know agents who have rehearsed a 100-point script who just can’t stop until they’ve finished the whole thing. Even when the sellers are nodding their heads and picking up the pen at the five-minute mark — some agents just keep RIGHT ON TALKING until their spiel is up. You know what sometimes happens when they do?  If you said, “talked themselves OUT of a listing” you’d be on the money. Here’s what I recommend. Be present with the folks sitting there at the kitchen table. Listen more than you speak. Hear their questions and then deliver THOSE answers. It’s a way better experience for both parties, I assure you.

Next, don’t let technology upstage your presentation. I get it. I love technology too. Apps for this, for that — for everything. Sometimes though, I think we can get into an overkill situation with the super PowerPoints and wiz-bang tablet apps that are comprehensive, I’m sure — but they can distract from human connection and create a wall between you and the client that can be hard to get over. Instead, lower the tech level and improve your speaking and listening skills. You can use visuals to help add authority — but be careful not to overdo anything that distracts from the rapport building

Here’s a quick video for you:

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