The Human Being-ness of Being a Real Estate Agent
July 20, 2023

The Human Being-ness of Being a Real Estate Agent

The REAL real estate success stories are in the countless experiences that clients have with real estate pros who are not “doing” real estate but rather “being” it.

By “being” we mean, unlike our AI counterparts, web apps, or iBuyer algorithms, real estate agents who are out there in the world passionately serving the people of their communities and building purposeful person-to-person relationships.

The Extra Mile Agent

Maybe you know them as the agent who went the extra mile (or three) to find a home for their first-time home buyers in a market where inventory had all but seized up. Then went to battle for them to make sure their offer was not only seen, but accepted. Then gloriously celebrated with them after the docs were signed and the keys exchanged. That same agent who, two years later, gets a call from those buyers to help their parents sell a home because they couldn’t imagine them calling anyone else that they would trust more.

The Across the Miles Agent

Or the agent who met with the grandparents in Michigan who wanted to sell their family home of 35 years to move to Florida to be near their daughter who recently started a new career and was thrilled to learn her parents wanted to be close by to help with the kids. That agent who, together with a referral agent friend in Florida, coordinated the buying of a new home, sale of the old home, paperwork (mostly) seamlessly handled via DocuSign, and attention to details on the part of all the professionals involved. Those same agents who now get a holiday card every year from those grandparents with pictures of the grandkids who tell anyone they know who even whispers a word about real estate who to call and why.

The Community Cheerleader

You may know them as the agent who is always in the thick of the community causes, supporting the area schools, and probably organized the drive-by graduation parties through the neighborhoods and pitched in for the food banks in the wake of last year’s craziness. They are not only good producers navigating new listings and sales, but they are good people and good communicators who know the secret of real estate success is to stay in touch and top of mind with the people in their sphere and farm, not just for the referrals – but for the relationships.

What’s Next?

People ask us all the time, “what is the future of real estate”? Honestly, we tell them that no one can truly predict what will happen tomorrow or next month or next year – anymore than any of us could have truly predicted the events of the last year and a half.

What We Know

What we CAN tell you is that there is absolutely no substitute for building, supporting, and nurturing human relationships. There’s categorically no reason to spend all your time trying to time the future market or worry about a past market because the present is what we know and what we can navigate and the people within our sphere and farm are people we can serve, connect with, communicate to about what their goals and needs are and then work, as human beings, to help them reach that goal.

Frankly, the world could use a lot more of that-right? That connection? Common kindnesses? Empathy and assistance to offer more expertise, ease, and genuine human compassion?

Where the Magic Is

That’s where the magic lies friends. It’s in that human being-ness at the highest level we can serve that we won’t have to worry about whether an “app” will replace us or even a competitor compare.

When you build relationships, work from a higher purpose than just a commission check, lean in to learning about how you can use your skills, talents, and experience to elevate the experiences of the people around you – you won’t have to stress so much about where the next deal will come from. Because you’ll have your own referrals from the buyers and grandparents and neighbors and fellow agents and community members.

Tell Your Story

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