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July 7, 2023

Real Estate Success Stories 

Real estate success stories look and feel differently for everyone – and that’s what makes them even more special. 

By Julie Escobar 

“Success.”  For a seven-letter word, it packs a lot of punch! It has the ability to conjure up grand visions, deep emotions, facts and figures, and a whole lot of definitions.  

When I hear the term “real estate success stories”, I immediately think of my good friend, business partner, and the real estate coach that is the anchor for our entire Power Agent Program® – Darryl Davis.  

Most of you won’t know Darryl’s story, he doesn’t tell it often, but when he does – it’s so impactful, and the lessons from it have helped thousands of real estate agents around the world look at life, and the business of real estate, with entirely fresh eyes.  

A Little  History About Darryl 

It may surprise you to learn that the confident, funny, animated real estate motivational speaker that we see today on our weekly coaching calls, Wednesday Webinars, and even on stages across North America, didn’t start out so confident.  

Darryl lost his dad at a very young age. Because of that, and a rocky relationship with his mom, Darryl became an emancipated minor at the ripe age of sixteen. Legally, he was an adult and on his own.   

He was scrappy then – heck – he’s scrappy now!  His humble beginnings and lack of positive adult influences and parenting meant he was entering adulthood, like many people do, with feelings of insecurity and low self-worth.  

Darryl DavisReal Estate, and New Beginnings 

When he was nineteen, he discovered real estate through an elective course in college. This is where the beginnings of the real estate success story we know him to be today took root!  

I remember him telling his story at our annual event one year, where he talked about the importance of speaking from your heart and not your head – there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  

He shared what it felt like to be that 16-year-old kid facing the world and how, honestly, it screws you up. He told us how it makes someone feel like they don’t really know what to believe in, but certainly don’t have the foundation to believe in themselves.  

Mac and Darryl 

Darryl met a man named Mac Levitt, who became his broker and so much more. Mac taught Darryl how to be a great real estate professional – but he and his wife truly helped to teach Darryl what it was to be a man, and someone of integrity and character.  

I really wish I could have met Mac. I think I would have loved him.  

Darryl shared during our event how he couldn’t go on a listing appointment and sell someone on himself — because he wasn’t sold on himself.

Fortunately, he had a “Mac” in his life to help him.  Before he could learn to believe in himself, he knew he COULD believe in… 

  • His broker Mac Levitt 
  • His company 
  • The industry  

Those were the things he could feel confident in and speak about with strength on a listing presentation.  

His lesson to our audience was to use that model to come from a place of strength themselves if they weren’t ready to believe all their own.  

That Was a Difference Maker

Darryl quickly went on to become a top sales earner, an extraordinary manager, and excelled at real estate in every way. Then, he wanted to help others do the same.  

He wanted to teach, train, coach, and motivate real estate professionals to take their careers to the Next Level® – and eventually design lives and careers worth smiling about. He wanted to help agents create their own real estate success stories.  

Becoming a Speaker 

Darryl found a mentor in Floyd Wickman, CSP, CPAE, and learned some of the skills it took to become a real estate speaker and trainer. Coupled with his natural affinity for performance, his passion for helping people became stronger and more skilled. With the tools and skills he learned during his own time as one of the top real estate agents in his market, Darryl began his new career as a speaker, trainer, and coach.  

That’s actually where we met, what feels like a hundred years ago! Darryl was a young real estate motivational speaker, and I was hired by Floyd’s group to do outside marketing and bring companies together for training programs.  

A Phenomenal Partnership 

Who knew that 20+ years later, after going our separate ways, Darryl going out on his own and developing The Power Program®, writing three books – all published by McGraw-Hill Publishers, and my long career of developing marketing tools and copy for real estate agents, brokers, and speakers that we’d eventually converge again to become business partners? 

Fun Fact 

Darryl’s How to Become a Power Agent in Real Estate® is actually one of the best-selling books to real estate agents on Amazon!  

Our Team 

I’m so incredibly proud to be part of this organization and help Darryl lead a team of extraordinary human beings who show through their words and actions how amazingly dedicated they are to helping every single member of the Power Program® thrive.  

If you want, you can learn a little more about our amazing team, who are committed to helping create real estate success stories.  

More Real Estate Success Stories 

In writing this article, I was so moved by the idea of looking at what success looks and feels like not only for myself but for our Power Agent® members.  As I said in the beginning — success means different things for different people, right?  

So, I reached out and asked a few of our members about what “a real estate success story” looks like to them.  I loved their responses, and I hope you do too.  

Joanne Mills 

A veteran agent, Joanne started her career in 2000.  She’s been an agent, broker, owner, award-winner, trailblazer, and truly a champion for fellow agents throughout her career.  

What does real estate success look and feel like to her? 

I know I am successful in Real Estate when I feel trusted, and my opinion is respected. I have been honored to have not only home sellers and buyers express both those emotions, but also many other Realtors®. Ones I work with directly in my company and many in the field.” 

Her advice for agents trying to create their own success story? 

“Stay the course and be a student of the industry. Work on building skills to service your clients. Successful transactions come from being a resource and looking for the ways that best serve your client. The best lessons learned come from the hardest transactions, don’t let them frustrate you. Rather, look for the ways you have grown through them.” 

What’s her favorite thing about the Power Program®?  

Too many to choose from. But the ability to have Darryl weekly share his amazing knowledge and inspire my mindset, actions, and abilities live on our coaching calls is right up there!  

What makes her smile?  

Sharing my knowledge and helping people achieve their goals. I became a Realtor® because I was looking for a career that gave me flexibility, I stayed a Realtor® because this career gave me the ability to make a difference in peoples lives. 

THANKS Joanne! You can connect with Joanne here 

George Rosario 

One of our most gregarious and team-spirited Power Agents®, George inspires everyone around him. A real estate professional since 2008, and a top producer who, along with his team, closed six times the business in 2020 than they did all of 2018 and 2019!  From his 5AM motivational messages, to his jump-in and help whoever needs it persona, he’s definitely a real estate success story in our book.  

What does real estate success look like/feel like to him? 

Smiles at the closing table. Clients who are grateful for the things I was able to do for them. Satisfied Clients who are so happy with my team’s performance that they become a walking billboard for us. 

What advice does he have for fellow agents?  

Get rid of the fourletter word “FINE” from your vocabulary. Ask for help. Get a mentor or a group of mentors. Don’t reinvent the wheel. That doesn’t mean you can’t slap your own custom rims on the wheel, but the wheel is the wheel and it’s been working well since it was first invented. AGAIN, ask for help. Don’t pretend to be fine when you are struggling because the truth will always come to light. 

What’s George’s favorite thing about the Power Program®? 

  • COMMUNITYI’ve been involved in many coaching programs, both on the professional side (as a mentor) and the client side (as a mentee). I can tell you from seeing other groups from both sides of the spectrum that there is no other program like the Power Program®. We appreciate the value of an intimately involved community. I mean, Julie, Darryl, and the entire Power Program® staff and leadership have become family. So much so that we don’t only have Darryl helping us. We can always jump on our private Facebook group, type in a question, and have 100 Power Agents® jump in to try to help us figure any situation out. That alone is worth more than what the program costs. We are a POWER TEAM! 
  • A CULTURE OF GIVING: I dare you find any program that gives you as much as Darryl’s program gives. Darryl’s messages at the end of his coaching call, the website that you’ve put together, and the content.
  • FUNWe don’t take things too seriously. We’ve learned to have fun making mistakes in front of each other so that we don’t make those mistakes when we are in front of the client. We are like a bunch of friends that hang out and laugh with each other while solving problems. I describe this program to people as a place where you get to have so much fun that you won’t realize how much you are actually learning until you use it in the real  world.

What makes George smile? 

My wife’s laugh. My wife’s awesome breakfast. My kids when they think they’re getting one over on me. My dog Gunner the Runner. Prayers that are answered God’s way rather than my way. A good cup of coffee with a good friend. Cheeseburgers and fries. Mom’s cooking! A nice commission check at the end of a deal!” 

Wow, George, you make US smile! You can connect with George here 

Larry Love Gardner 

With a giant personality and a love of both what he does and helping people, Larry is definitely a real estate success story. Unabashed about sharing his story of a rocky start, a bout with homelessness, and personal struggles, Larry uses his history as teaching moments and generously shares his secrets for becoming a top producer with any agent that will listen.   

What does real estate success look like for Larry? 

“As a new agent I felt like helping as many families as I do today was not even realistic!  Success breeds success, so, now that I am doing well, I feel like I have unlimited potential.  I love helping families get to next level. As real estate agents, we have a great opportunity to change the trajectory of a family’s for the better. To me, that feels comfortable, fulfilling, and a lot like success.” 

Larry’s advice for fellow agents?  

Get really good at a few things. Trying to tackle everything all at once is not a good plan.  Take a top agent out for coffee and pick their brains.  Listen to how top real estate agents talk to people on the phone.  Notice how they have a certain amount of ease and how comfortable they are as they communicate.  Pay attention to that and take notes.   

What’s Larry’s favorite thing about the Power Program®? 

The networking is extraordinary!   All of the information, tools, and training in the classroom are so valuable to help you succeed in this business.  Oh, and I never miss Darryl Davis’s Monday Morning coaching calls! The perfect way to start your week on the right track!  

What makes Larry smile? 

“My goal every day is to make people’s heart’s smile.  My giving nature keeps my heart smiling!  When my heart smiles, I smile. My granddaughter Ella Mae also makes me smile every day!” 

Thanks Larry! You can connect with Larry here 

Vikki Yates 

Oh, my goodness, Vikki has become such a beacon for positivity and the power of change in our Facebook group that I couldn’t wait to include her in this article. Her newfound love of this business after more than 30 years in the trenches is simply infectious and amazing.  

What does a real estate success story feel like for her? 

“I’m finally having success in real estate after many years of failing! In less than a month of being a Power Agent®, I’ve learned how to only work with customers and clients who ‘want to work with me’!  This has been game-changer. I could not have gotten to this point without Darryl Davis, his coaching, team, and the webinar with his special guest Kathrin Rein. They unlocked this new love for me.  

Currently I’m working with three Buyers who respect me enough to sign a Buyer Agency Agreement, and I respect myself and my time enough now to ask for it. Success is the peacefulness I wake up with now.  I know I’m going to communicate with strangers that need and want my help 100%. Success to me is LOVING the real estate business again!” 

What is Vikki’s new key for falling in love with this business again after 30 years that can inspire other agents? 

I now know how to identify and eliminate the customers and clients who don’t love working with me. In the past, I would take anything, work with anyone. Now, I slow down and decide if I SHOULD work with someone.  

I’ve taken many, many coaching programs before. I learned over and over all the ‘basics’.  Prospecting, FSBOs, cold-calling, buyers, but it never clicked. I could never get to MY Next Level until Darryl communicated with me on a whole NEW level that I could understand and gave me the tools – and the support – I needed to succeed and believe in myself. Now I’m consistently earning commissions.” 

We love Vikki’s story – and the inspiration that even after years of struggle – all it takes is the right connection, community, and coach to make things “click” – then anything’s possible!  

You can connect with Vikki here.   

Her story reminds me of the saying, When You Feel Like Quitting, Remember Why You Started. 

Beth Chuck 

Beth is a “frequent flyer” in our Facebook Group, always jumping in to help answer questions and support her fellow Power Agents®. In the business since 2018, she’s seen a lot and is always happy to share! 

I loved her vision for what real estate success looks like!  

Success is time freedom. Success is helping people move into the next phase and become friends at the same time. Success is being able to donate to your charities with ease. Success is when a client tells you they are so glad you were there in the process. 

Her advice for fellow agents?  

“Learn early that you should not want to sell a client’s house more than they do or invest too much money and time with a solid commitment. Before your work with your first buyer or take your first listing, get a list of great vendors for repairs, your Broker-In-Charge should be able to help you with that.  Take CE classes even when you think you don’t need to, and get as much training as you can.  Talk to your broker about their experiences and pick their brains. Connect with another agent so you can help one another.” 

What’s her favorite thing about the Power Program®?   

“The live questions and answer in the training session and the Power Builder CRM®.” 

Awesome Beth! Thank you so much for sharing!  You can connect with Beth here.   

Andrew Russell 

For a little different spin, I asked one of our favorite mortgage professionals, Andrew Russell, who has been a go-to resource for our Power Agents® for the past few years, to weigh in. A mortgage officer since 2007, he opened his own company RCG Mortgage in 2017. We believe solidly in the power of the right vendor relationships and how they can help real estate agents succeed faster and with more ease. Andrew and his team are shining examples of that.  

What does a real estate success story with a mortgage company spin look like?  

As I opened my company, we put together an airtight business plan that included how to make the phone ring, what to do when the phone rings, and how we could offer a 5star experience to clients and referral partners alike. I worked tirelessly to ensure I got the right people on the bus, and then put them in the right seat, while treating any and all RCG team members with the respect and appreciation they deserve.  

I also believe in the youth infusion movement, so I hired a large number of green staff members and put them through our extensive training protocol. Staff new to the mortgage business bring a fresh flavor to the space along with no bad legacy habits.  

I really found these two things to contribute to the recipe for success for the current market and the current client service level need. We have built a dream team at RCG and can’t wait to continue serve. 

To me, being a success story is someone who was told its not possible to open a successful company in this environment, not listening to all the naysayers and doing it, and leaving my mark on the local marketplace by offering service levels and product access that cannot be beat. 

What’s Andrew’s advice for agents? 

The top question we are asked by agents is, ‘How can I increase my listings’? I tell them simply, to contact Darryl Davis and his team since he is the best source for that specific need, hands down.  

For newer agents, my advice would be to join a forwardthinking team that offers buyer leads. Starting alone, not on a team, can leave an agent feeling like they are on an island and alone, and makes it tough get a career off the ground. A solid team offers leads, clients, support, and multiple team members to learn from. Once an agent outgrows the team, they can explore going out on their own. 

Fantastic advice and insights – thank you, Andrew. You can connect with Andrew and his team here 

Leverage a Love of Learning and Listening 

I think it’s clear from the insights of our wonderful guests as well as Darryl’s story, that a big part of many real estate success stories starts with developing a real love for learning and listening.  

When you know that you don’t know it all – there’s a lot of room for growth, and freedom to explore new skills and ideas. Every single person who shared in this article has seen and known adversity. Not one of them had an easy start in this business, but they leaned in and learned from other agents, their brokers, their mentors, and coaches!  

You can too. Today is as good a day as any to start, right? I love what Arthur Ashe said, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”  

Get Started!  

Power Agents®, you’ve already got a head start! You’ve got the tools and training you need in the classroom, all the support and care you can use in our Facebook Group, and the best coach in the business to help you steer your course and create your own real estate success story.  

If you’re not yet a Power Agents®– no stress!

Give us a go! This comprehensive program provides affordable coaching, training, and customizable marketing tools for real estate agents. It’s proven to help thousands of agents significantly boost their listing inventory, solidify their business, cultivate lifelong customers, enhance authenticity and confidence, reduce stress, and craft fulfilling careers and lives.

Just a wide and wonderful network of success-minded agents with a love of learning and a passion to help one another, plus Darryl, plus our terrific team, plus a classroom literally packed to the rim with tools and training for every conceivable aspect of your business.  

Let more about becoming a PowerAgent®!

Imagine what you could do if you had just a snippet of what’s inside The Power Program®, or as our team member Gale likes to call it, “Christmas in a Box”.  

Hope to see you on the “inside”! Here’s to your success!  

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