The Importance of Life Balance for Real Estate Success
May 29, 2021

The Importance of Life Balance for Real Estate Success 

Powerfact: Here is a philosophical truth — Life balance includes both yin and yang. You need to have the failures to truly appreciate the wins. 

By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Darryl Davis, CSP 

It can be disappointing to lose out on a listing that you were SURE was in the bag, and it might be tempting to call them and ask what you did wrong, or ask why they chose another agent, but don’t!  

I’ll be brutally honest…calling your client to have them make you feel better about losing their business is selfish and unprofessional. They aren’t going to be honest with you; they will probably tell you something to ease your feelings, and they shouldn’t have to do that. 

There is only one thing I can really tell you when you lose out on a deal —You can’t make everybody happy, and you can’t drive down the road watching the rear-view mirror. All you can do is look at the road ahead and move on. Stuff happens.  

Taking The Good with the Bad 

Sometimes, everything seems to go your way, and sometimes it doesn’t. Heck, sometimes I tell a bad joke or say something I shouldn’t say, but there are also times I say something brilliant and surprise even myself! However, you can’t let that one bad moment, that one lost listing, that one failure, define your career. 

Read more here: “Finding the Opportunities Amidst Challenges” 

It’s All About Balance 

Life is a balance between yin and yang. You can’t appreciate wins if you don’t have the losses.

Think about it for a minute.  If we didn’t have hot water, we would not have cold water. It would just be water. It’s the hot that distinguishes the cold.  

In the same way, day distinguishes the night, failure distinguishes the success, because you can’t have success without failure. There would be nothing to celebrate because it wouldn’t be anything special. 

Plus – it would be BORING! 

So, what CAN you do?

Embrace the failure. Ask yourself “why?” after something happens. “What did I do wrong there? What should I have done there? What could I have said or done differently?” 

We found a great article in City Insight Houston that we wanted to share which discusses the importance of developing “Mental Toughness as a Realtor” and some suggestions on how to achieve it. 

Turning a Breakdown into a Breakthrough 

If you’ve listened to me long, or seen any of our coaching calls or webinars, you’ve probably seen the blackboard behind me and the words BREAKDOWN = BREAKTHROUGH written somewhere behind my head.

It’s a healthy reminder to me, our team, our Power Agent® members, and every virtual audience member about how we can turn our mistakes into learning opportunities for wins.

Asking the big “why?” is a useful question because it allows you to use every opportunity to turn this breakdown into a breakthrough. It’s always a new opportunity for you to get better skilled, and a way to watch your thoughts. 

In fact, it’s the whole premise of our Power Agent® coaching calls each week! It’s the opportunity to ask that why and turn that mistake into experience.  

Sometimes you will be able to answer that question easily, and sometimes you won’t. I will say this again because it’s really important to understand — You cannot make everybody happy. You can only do your best, but no matter what, things just aren’t going to work, so that’s it…let it go, move on, and be happy.  

What’s Next? 

Are you ready to start taking things to the Next Level®? Make sure when you get ready for work each day you shift your mindset to that of success, self-belief, and a commitment to turning breakdowns into breakthroughs.

Power Agents®, head to the Time and Money Management Tab to download both the 3-Part Breakthrough Business Plan and the How to Live Your Next Level Life Chart.  Both will be valuable to getting on track and staying there! 


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